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Cue Card (May to Aug 2019), CUE CARDS

Talk about a public facility that improves/influence local life quality (IELTS Cue Card May to Aug 2019)

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Talk about a public facility that improves/influence local life quality

What kind of transport it is                      What types of people use this transport                               How convenient it is

Public Bus is a very common transportation system in our country and the majority of the commuters in cities and urban areas use this transportation system. There are two types of public bus systems in our country- short distance buses and long distance buses. There are many governments owned bus service system which is available mostly in the metropolitan system. There are varieties of sizes in these buses ranging from 10 seats to as many as 100 seats and even double-decker buses as well.

People from all classes and economic conditions use these buses and who do not own private cars, most of the times use this transportation system. Since there are cheap and expensive buses based on the facilities allowed, people with low earnings mostly use the non-AC, small buses. While the people with better economic conditions use air conditioned and a bit expensive service. This is the most convenient transportation system in our country in terms of expenses and availability. Hiring taxi or private cars cost a lot and they are not always available. So people mostly depend on the public bus transportation system which offers a very low fair and are always available for almost all of the destinations.

I mostly use this bus transportation system for short and long distance travels and communications and I find it very handy. Though there are some disadvantages of this transportation system, I would say still this is the best way for commuters to more to different places in my city.

Part 3 – Two-way discussion:

Q. What are some common transportations in your city?

Examples of public transport include city buses, trolleybuses, trams (or light rail) and passenger trains, rapid transit (metro/subway/underground, etc.) and ferries. Public transport between cities is dominated by airlinescoaches, and intercity rail.  

Q. How do most people travel long distances in your country?

You will be happy to know that my country, India, is now a complete country with its wide network of air, road and waterways. Frequently most of the people travel either by bus, airplane or by boats on the waterways. Besides, the travel modes are also popular among the tourists of different countries. But the native of the country prefers to travel by bus and air. If the distance is short, some of the people use their own transportation modes like privately owned cars and other vehicles. But a majority of the people use the public transports. Regarding the transport fares, it is very reasonable to the people and almost fixed in some cases. When you are travelling by air, you are to book tickets and the most important fact about air travel is that you can reach the destination within the shortest possible time. Besides, a large number of domestic flights are available to take you to your destination inside the country while the international flights are also frequent to cater the needs.

Q. Have the types of transport people use changed much over the last few decades?

Umm, yes, the types of transportation have changed to many extents in Inda. Earlier, in India, the transportation modes were fewer than as it is seen in the current days. Then people used to travel most by land and waterways for reaching their destinations. But with the advancement of technology and modernization, airways were created inside the country. Now there are around several  airports available in the country of which some are used for international purpose while the remaining are for domestic purposes. The airway has become a popular transportation mode in the current days for the easy transportation mode. Before the development of airports, people used to travel more by bus and even they used to go to the other countries by riding on buses and in some cases, ships were used for international trips. But the rapid change in the transportation system has held after the modernization of the airways.

Q. What kinds of improvement have there been in transport in your country in recent years?

It is a very good and thought-provoking question. Since I frequently use the streets and transport modes to go for places inside the country, I, in fact, did not notice the changes earlier, but there were some changes. I can recall that the roads were made smoother than before and the numbers of public transports have been improved inside the cities. There are some changes in the streets as they are now well decorated than before. One more thing about the changes, the fares have been made reasonable for the public in different routes inside the cities. Earlier, the number of private vehicles was more comparing the number of public transports but now the ratio has been improved. People have realised the benefits of public transports. But one thing should be considered – the traffic congestion. When the numbers of vehicles are more on the street, naturally traffic congestion will occur. Another important thing is the service provided by the transport service providers. They try to offer the best available service to the commuters.

Q. Do you think transport is likely to continue to improve in the future? Ummm, I think there will be some other changes in future over the transports in India. But the changes are unpredictable and you know the future is always uncertain to all. So, I think everything might be accessible to all as now a notable portion of people do not have access to public transports for different reasons like they live in distant places where the vehicles cannot go to fetch them. The improvement of streets will be more advanced with the increase of public facilities. Even today, in some places there are no sheds for the waiting passengers and hope those sheds will be made. Sometimes tickets are unavailable for the rush and in occasions. I think if the number of public transports is increased, then getting or booking a ticket will be easier for the commoners.



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