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CUE CARDS, Speaking Part 2

Describe a book you want to write (IELTS Cue Card)

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Describe a book you want to write (IELTS Cue Card)

  • When you had this idea              What kind of book do you want to write
  • Is it difficult or easy                     And explain why you want to write this kind of book

It’s an uphill task for me to write a book, I am very fond of Punjabi food and my grandmother is an excellent cook.

She also maintains a diary with various recipes for food and traditional medicine. If I have to write a book, I would like to compile all her recipes in one place and index them. It will not be easy since her recipes are in Punjabi and hand-written on very old notebooks. She inherited this knowledge from her grandmother. The writing and ink has faded with time but their efficacy has not reduced. Whenever someone is hosting a party or is feeling unwell in our village, they consult my grandmother. In fact, once there was a cooking competition in my school. I used her recipe to make a lemon pickle and everyone who tasted it was licking their fingers. I won the first prize, all thanks to her recipe.

There are other incidents as well where her knowledge has helped people. Once a child from our village had very low blood count because of dengue. My grandmother suggested a soup of boiled Papaya leaves and overnight his health improved. She taught me that sharing knowledge and wisdom is our moral responsibility. These recipes will benefit everyone and help in passing on the knowledge. Just thinking about it, makes me excited. I will dedicate this book to my grandmother

Part 3 Follow Up Questions

  1. What inspires you to write this book? Why do you want to write it?

My inspiration to write this book is that I want to share my grandmother’s knowledge with the rest of the world. Anyone who tastes her dishes asks for the recipe. If I am able to present it nicely, I am sure this book will sell and I will be earning a lot also.

  • Who will this book appeal to?

This book will appeal to food lovers and those who want to cook some sumptuous dishes. It would also appeal to those who want to learn cooking, because I would be writing it in very simple words and adding some pictures too.

  • How will this impact the readers?

The readers will learn many tips and tricks of cooking well. They will be able to cook some really mouth-watering dishes.

  • Who will you dedicate the book to?

I will dedicate this book to my grandmother, of course. Although I will be translating her recipes and adding some pics, ultimately she has done the whole work and she deserves the credit.


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