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Welcome to Vertex English Webportal to explore International English Language Testing System (IELTS) which is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration.


IELTS Students can prepare for speaking tests from home with the help of this wonderful book.

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Roses Are Blood Red: Even True Love Has a Dangerous Side

Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] ‘I’ll gift you a love story that every girl desires, but few get to live.’ He’d told me once. And boy, did he stick to his words! Vanav Thakur is the perfect...

The Girl Who Knew Too Much: What if the Loved One You Lost Were to Come Back?

Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] Can true love bring someone back from the dead?Akshara is left devastated by her mother’s death and spends most of her time in solitude at the local park. One day, as she is sobbing...

Cross Your Heart, Take My Name

Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] Garv Roy Gill and Yahvi Kothari meet at an airport lounge by chance. Six months later they find themselves consumed by the proverbial once-in-a-lifetime kind of love. Bored with their...

IELTS 5 Practice Tests, General Set 5: Tests No. 21-25 (High Scorer’s Choice Book 10)

Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] * Updated in 2020 to reflect recent changes in the IELTS testGeneral Set 5 from ‘High Scorer’s Choice’ series contains 5 full length IELTS practice tests (no. 21-25)...

IELTS Vocabulary Booster: Learn 500+ words for IELTS essay

Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] Our Vocabulary Booster book is written for those who want to get the highest score at IELTS and enter University of a dream. The book focuses mainly on vocabulary for writing an essay, but...

Band 9 ilets writing book for acedamics

Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] IELTS Writing samples for achieving 9 band How to improve your writing skills for IELTS? The answer is simple: follow writing Structure according to this book you can find the best IELTS...

Ilets reading book

Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] IELTS Reading Practice tests In this particular book, you’ll find IELTS Reading passages for practice. By using these ielts practice questions, you can measure your preparedness for...

On Essay Writing: A pathway to success in IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, and Cambridge exams

Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] Imagine. You’re sat in your IELTS, or TOEFL exam. Your dream of studying or living abroad depends on what you write in the next hour. You turn over the exam paper and read the essay...

How to Get the Highest Score in the IELTS Test – Academic & General IELTS? – كيف تحصل على أعلى الدرجات في اختبار الأيلتس؟: Authentic Practice Tests (IELTS Practice Tests)

Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] This book puts the learner on the right track to get the highest score in the test that made many people very tired and it saves your time to get the desired score from the first time. I...

IELTS Writing Band 9 Essays: A guide to writing high quality IELTS Band 9 essays with 40 sample essays and notes. 2nd edition.

Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] This book overcomes the weakness of other guides by providing 40 high quality essays (10 Academic Task 1, 10 General Task 1 and 20 Task 2 essays) that are written by an educated native...

200% ielts

Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] Publisher‏:‎ELLIPSES (6 February 2018)Language‏:‎FrenchISBN-10‏:‎2340022231ISBN-13‏:‎978-2340022232Item Weight‏:‎1 kg 60 gDimensions‏:‎19.5 x 2.6 x 29 cmCountry of Origin‏:‎France...


Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] The writing module of the IELTS General Training Exams tests candidates’ skills in writing of the English language. The test usually has two questions; one tests the letter writing...

IELTS Reading Practice Test Volume 5 2021 Edition : 10 practice tests that help you improve your band score to 8+

Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] IELTS READING PRACTICE TESTS 2021 EDITION – VOLUME 5 contain so many practice tests that help you improve your band score to 8+ ASIN‏:‎B08NTH3Q4SLanguage‏:‎EnglishFile size‏:‎27765...

Prepare for the IELTS Exam in 5 Days

Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] By reading this booklet, you will learn:– the types of questions on the IELTS general training test on Nov/19/2016– What exactly Ye did in 5 days to hit Band 8 for the IELTS...

IELTS Reading Practice Test Extra Volume 2: 2021 Latest Edition

Price: [price_with_discount](as of [price_update_date] – Details) [ad_1] IELTS Reading Practice Test Extra Volume 2 is a collection of 10 practice reading tests that you improve your reading band score in the actual exam....


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03IELTS Vocabulary
Good IELTS vocabulary is key to a high IELTS score. Practice the Academic Word List to boost your vocabulary range. Learn topic targeted words..
03IELTS Topics
Below you will find a variety of task 2 essay topics that have been seen by students on their IELTS exams. By practising with these writing task 2 topics
03Make it amazing
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IELTS Students

Trusted and used by many IELTS Students Worldwide.

Dream to Study Abroad
Explore the world through IELTS test for International studies and migration to beautiful countries.
Describe a time when you enjoyed your visit to a park or garden
Describe the most polite person you have come across in your life
Describe an exciting experience in your life
what the event was where you watched it who watched this event with you and explain why you enjoyed watching this event.

Ask more of your IELTS Test

Yes, I’m a ready to help you. Anyway I look nice and useful.

Describe a product made in the region you come from (IELTS CUE CARD Jan to April 2020)
Find quick
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Describe an experience when you were with people and you got bored
Jump start
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecter adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Cum soclis orestem.
Talk about a celebration organized after an achievement
Make it amazing
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The Product
Thousands of high-quality
IELTS Cue Cards and other test.
Yes, This is amazing to choose Study Abroad with easy IELTS Exam and with the help of my favourite success concept.
Spoken English
Improve your spoken English skills in few simple steps! Learn to pronounce hard sounds and sound natural in conversation. You’ll speak like a native in no time.
Study Abroad
Want to study abroad ? Get free expert advice and information on colleges, courses, exams, admission, student visa, and application process to study overseas.
Online Course
Delivered by British Council experts, this online course helps you prepare for the speaking, listening, reading and writing modules of the IELTS test.

Finding Ideas

It is important that you take time to analyse the essay question and plan your ideas properly. You are being marked not using relevant ideas,

IELTS Prep Plus 2019-2020 Paperback

Kaplan’s IELTS Prep Plus 2019-2020 provides in-depth review, test-taking strategies, and exam-like practice for all four sections of the Academic and General Training IELTS tests. Our guide includes audio tracks to help you practice your listening skills, as well as personalized score reports to help you focus your study. 

Eight full-length practice tests: six Academic IELTS and two General Training IELTS so you can prepare for both versions of the test.
Practice questions with detailed answer explanations. 
In-depth review of the content and abilities tested on each section of the test, along with Kaplan’s proven methods and skill-building strategies 
CD with audio tracks for test-like Listening practice 
Exclusive interactive online centre with score reports, mock interviews, and audio tracks 
Content is updated so you have the most up-to-date test information
Expert Guidance 
Our books and practice questions are written by experts who know students—every explanation is written to help you learn 

Barron’s IELTS Superpack Paperback

Academics and professionals taking the IELTS (International Language Testing System) to validate their proficiency in English will find everything they need for success in Barron’s 3-books-in-1 IELTS Superpack. This comprehensive package provides test takers with an overview of the IELTS, a total of 10 full-length practice tests with answers, and intensive help with specialized areas of English language vocabulary that they will encounter on the exam. In addition, they will enjoy a saving of $18.97 over the price of books purchased separately when they buy this three-book test prep package. 

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