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This rule might sound strange to many spoken English students, but it is one of the most important rules. If you want to pass examinations, then study grammar. However, if you want to become fluent in Spoken English, then you should try to learn English without studying grammar.

Studying grammar will only slow you down and confuse you. You will think about the rules when creating sentences instead of naturally saying a sentence like a native. Remember that only a small fraction of English speakers know more than 20% of all the grammar rules. Many ESL students know more grammar than native speakers. I can confidently say this with experience. I am a native English speaker, majored in English Literature, and have been teaching English for more than 10 years. However, many of my students know more details about English grammar than I do. I can easily look up the definition and apply it, but I don’t know it off the top of my head.

I often ask my native English friends some grammar questions, and only a few of them know the correct answer. However, they are fluent in English and can read, speak, listen, and communicate effectively.

Do you want to be able to recite the definition of a causative verb, or do you want to be able to speak English fluently?

Grammar and vocabulary are things you can learn in your own time, at your own pace. You don’t need to pay money to improve your grammar or vocabulary. And most of the time, people will still understand what you are saying even if you make a small grammatical error. However, speaking English clearly, confidently, and fluently is something you can’t master on your own. You need opportunities to practice with native English teachers, and that’s what Spoken English Practice provides

Have you been learning English for years but still can’t speak fluently?

When you speak English, is your Accent hard to understand?

Can you write English well, but don’t feel confident about speaking English?

This is because you are learning English the wrong way!

Learning grammar and vocabulary will NOT make you a fluent English speaker.

The only way to improve Spoken English is to practice with Native English Speakers.

You need to learn to “Think in English”. You have to “feel” the correct way to speak English. 

This is how you learned to speak your mother tongue.

This is how kids who move to the US/UK speak English perfectly without knowing grammar!

You can only speak English naturally if you learn through immersion methods.

We can help you improve Spoken English through immersion!


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