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Linking Words for IELTS Speaking

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Linking Words for IELTS Speaking

The linking words you use in your IELTS speaking section tell the examiner how well you know the given topic and also helps the examiner to assess you based on your fluency.

For those who speak English often,  linking words come without any effort. But you have to ensure that they are not overused. The linking words for speaking are different from that of writing.

Below are some of the linking words for IELTS Speaking.

IELTS Speaking linking words for various purposes:

Adding more Information:

When you have to add more information to the sentence, you can use the following linkers for IELTS speaking:

  • Another reason is

Eg: Another reason for placing the pot outside is to get sunlight.

  • Also

Eg:  Also, he was interested in playing the piano.

  • And

Eg: The plant needs water and sunlight.

  • As well as

Eg: He was a writer as well as a soldier.

Time Phrases

When you want to describe ‘time’ in the sentence, then you can use the following IELTS speaking connectors:

  • At the moment

Eg: At the moment, Tom looked like Jesse.

  • Right now

Eg: I’m in a meeting right now.

  • At present

Eg: At present, there are no openings in our company.

  • Now

Eg: Now, we have a miniature version of anaconda called mini conda.

  • These days

Eg: It is difficult to find a lotus pond, these days.

  • Nowadays

Eg: Nowadays, it is quite common to be late to home.

  • Before

Eg: It used to be caterpillar before.

  • In the past

Eg: In the past, India was ruled by the British.

  • Years ago

Eg: Years ago, I used to play tennis.

  • At that time

Eg: I was not available at that time.

  • Then

Eg: Then, it used to be trams, not buses.

Causes and Solutions

When you have to describe the causes and solutions of the particular topic given, you can use the following linking words for IELTS:

  • Because

Eg: Because I met with an accident, I’m unable to go to the office.

  • I guess it is because of

Eg: I guess it is because of the weather.

  • I suppose the best way to deal with this problem is

Eg: I suppose the best way to deal with this problem is to leave him alone.

  • The main reason is

Eg: The main reason for painting the windows, is to prevent it from rusting.

  • It was caused by

Eg: It was caused by the waves.

  • The best way to solve this is

Eg: The best way to solve this is to put it in water.

Expressing ideas

When you have to express ideas for the topic given, you can use the following linking words:

  • I think one important thing is

Eg: I think one important thing is missing here.

  • I think the main difference is

Eg: I think the main difference between a hen and a sparrow is that the latter can fly high.

  • I guess one difference is

Eg: I guess one difference between the twins is the colour of their eyes.

Giving examples

When you have to give examples for the topic given, you can use the following linking words:

  • For instance

Eg: They must be creative. For instance, look at this statement.

  • Like

Eg: He looked like his father.

  • For example

Eg: For example, look at this piece of jewellery.

  • Such as

Eg: He has worked for big companies such as DABC.

Being clear

When you have to clearly state a sentence, you can use the following linking words:

  • What I want to say is

Eg: What I want to say is, they don’t look alike.

  • As I was saying

Eg: As I was saying, you should submit your taxes.

  • What I mean is

Eg: What I mean is, you should not get scared of dogs, else they will bite you.


When you have to explain the other side of the topic, you can use the following linking words:

  • But

Eg: But, the movie was not very interesting.

  • While

Eg: While you were in London, your sister moved to a new house.

  • On the other hand

Eg: On the other hand, it could have been better if it was handcrafted.

  • Although

Eg: Although you know it well, you need to practice.

  • Or

Eg: You should go via route A or B.

For stating an opinion

While giving your opinion about the topic, you can use the following linking words:

  • As far as I am concerned

Eg: As far as I am concerned, it is all well.

  • In my opinion

Eg: In my opinion, the couple should discuss their problems with a lawyer.

  • I believe that

Eg: I believe that it is not good to invest in gold.

  • From my point of view

Eg: From my point of view, both are equal.

To express agreement

To express that you agree with the topic that is given, you can use the following linking words:

  • I am in an agreement

Eg: I am in an agreement with him.

  • I quite agree that

Eg: I quite agree that I’m short.

  • I accept that

Eg: I accept that I should oblige.

  • Exactly

Eg: Exactly! That’s what I meant.

Importance of Linking Words

There’s a reason why linking words should be used:

  • The linking words or connectors or linkers help test takers structure the sentences that they are going to use, speaking on the given topic.
  • The linking words also help the test takers to go on speaking until the examiner asks him/her to stop. They also give you ideas which you can add while framing the sentence.
  • The linking words can be used when you have to highlight while speaking. You can use the linking words in the introduction and conclusion.
  • By using linking words you can also phrase an example if the sentence is given is not understandable.
  • The purpose, as well as the opinion of the sentence that is spoken, can be explained using the linking words.
  • If you can use the linking words correctly in the sentence, then you can get 25% of the marks.

Tips for using the linking words

There are a few tips that can be kept in mind while using linking words when a topic is given. Some of them are as follows:

  • Linking words cannot be used everywhere. When the examiner asks you to talk about yourself it is advisable not to use linking words.
  • The usage of linking words in the speaking test is completely different from the usage of linking words in the writing test.
  • The linking word ‘Like’ can be used only during speaking, while giving examples. It is not advisable to use the linking word ‘Like’ while writing.
  • You will not get a high score only based on how many times you have used the linking words. There should be some content which impresses the examiner to give a high score.
  • The linking words must come naturally while speaking.
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