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Laconic – Word of the Day

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Laconic – Word of the Day 


[adj] : (of a person, speech, or style of writing) using very few words.


History dates back to the late fifteenth century, roughly in the 1580s. Debated of Greek and Latin origin.
From Greek Lakonikos
From Latin Laconicus

History also says that people of Sparta in Greece had the habit of conveying so many things in just a few words. When threatened by the Philip of Macedon that if he entered Laconia, he would destroy Sparta to the ground, the answer given by Spartans was “If”.


Adverb examples – Laconically:

1. The doctor asked so many questions for which the patient replied laconically.
2. The employee explained many details of the project but the clients acknowledged laconically.
3. Jane spoke laconically at the coffee shop.
4. The wife served a delicious meal but the husband appreciated it laconically.
5. The head office asked him to type the letter laconically.

Adjective examples – Laconic:

1. The excited employee explained the project for one hour for which the clients gave a laconic reply.
2. The usually chirpy Jane was laconic, last Friday.
3. The wife was disappointed about her laconic husband.
4. The doctor found it hard to diagnose the patient, because he was laconic in his complaint.
5. The letter from the head office was laconic.

Noun examples – Laconism:

1. The diagnosis of the patient was difficult because of the laconism in his complaint.
2. The laconism of the clients was mistaken as disapproval by the employee.
3. Jane’s laconism troubled her partner.
4. The laconism of the professor irritated the students.
4. After listening to the devotee, the saint responded with laconism.

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