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Rank and File – Idiom of the Day and Idiom meaning in Hindi

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Rank and File Idiom meaning in Hindi सामान्य जन, जनसाधारण

Referred to an ordinary person


idiom meaning in hindi : The phrase originated as a military term back in the 16th century. This is because troops used to stand next to one another (rank) and in a straight line (file) while marching. And, the other officers used to march on this formation’s outside. Its early example was printed in The Theorike and Practike of Moderne Warres by Rober Barret. It referred to ordinary members of an organization. The columns and rows of soldiers without the officers, drawn for a drill was known as ranks and files. It wasn’t until the 19th century when this phrase started being used for other groups as well. In fact, even chess pieces are generally described as rank and files as the game is linked to warfare quite often.

Rank and File Idiom meaning in Hindi


Common Run
Common Sort
Tom, Dick & Harry
Plain Folks


Go through the examples to understand the usage of the idiom:

1. The rank and file of the organization started doubting the decisions of officers.
2. The salaries provided to rank and file is not up to the industry standards.
3. The rank and file of the country lost confidence in the leadership of the current party.
4. These salary cuts will definitely be huge blows for the rank and files of the company.
5. With a new bill that accepts their demands, the rank and files of the labor class are rejoicing.
6. In a factory that runs on Artificial Intelligence, it might be difficult to hire a rank and file.

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