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Cue Card (Sep to Dec 2019), CUE CARDS

Describe an important technology product you bought or own (SEPTEMBER to DECEMBER 2019)

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Describe an important technology product you bought or own (SEPTEMBER to DECEMBER 2019)

You should say:

  • what it was
  • why you bought it
  • how long you used it

and explain why you were happy buying this product.

  • Answer: 1
    This is an interesting topic for me and I thank you for the chance to talk about an item that I purchased and was happy about. Well, I can remember many such experiences, however, after I bought a washing machine for my mother, I was exhilarated.

    My mother is a housewife and she does a lot for all of us. She is like the comfortable shadow in our life on a hot summer day. We quite often forget to tell her how much we love her and sometimes we do not even thank her for things she does. But without her, our life would simply be a disaster. After I started my job, I had a plan to buy her something. I saved some money each month and then after few months, I decided to buy her a washing machine so that she no longer needs to do her laundry manually. I thought that would save her from some tedious weekly works and would allow her to enjoy more leisure hours.

    One day I went to a large LG showroom and selected a medium size washing machine. It was a bit expensive for me to afford at that time but I bought it anyway. After I reached home with this washing machine and surprised everybody with this sudden commodity, I realised how exhilarating it is to be able to make others happy. My mother was very excited that I astounded her in such a way. She asked me to teach her how to operate it and then cooked some special dishes at night to make the event memorable. This was probably something she wished to own and when I bought it for her, she was very amazed… She was also worried that I had to spend a large sum of money to buy it, but I told her that it is something I always planned to do with my salary.  

    After that, I have bought many products and electronic gadgets for me or for others, but being able to surprise my mother with my first earned salary was something very special. The washing machine I bought worked fine for more than 5 years and it was then replaced with a newer one. However, my memory regarding this first washing machine at our home was something I will never forget.

    Answer 2:
    I consider myself lucky to have a job in a multinational company and I have bought a laptop for my ordinary use at home. I am very happy with the laptop.

    I am the eldest daughter of my family and live with them here in Islamabad, Pakistan. Recently I have got the job and found that I have to perform some tasks at home. Besides, it has become impossible for me to use the internet with my old cell phone. Considering everything, I have bought a laptop from the ASUS brand shop. Though I saved a portion of money from sources like private tuition for the laptop for a long time, the best opportunity came when I got appointed to this multinational company. I added the remaining from my salary and brought the laptop home.

    This is the age of technology and using the internet with mobile phones is not very efficient. Someone may browse the internet or social networking websites temporarily on a mobile network, but that is not suitable for any large scale jobs. Often I have to perform some official tasks using the internet and this is almost impossible by using the cell phone. Besides, I like watching movies for recreational purposes and my cell phone is unable to come with such support for me. Moreover, my parents are religious and they love listening recitation from the Holy Quran and a laptop can serve this best. Considering all such matters, I decided to get a laptop but unfortunately could not manage the entire amount. So, when I got the salary, I bought it on the first attempt.   

    I have bought the laptop last month and have been using for around three weeks. By this time, the laptop has proved its worth. It has an outstanding charging back up and the battery lasts for seven hours approximately once it is charged completely. Besides, my parents are also using it and they are happy too. I planned to use the internet modem but my father has arranged a broadband internet connection. So, using the internet is no longer a problem for us. I have two younger sisters and they are also careful about using the laptop. They mostly use the laptop when I am not home and watch cartoons and animated movies on the internet. My mother takes care of the laptop and she is responsible for keeping it safe and clean from dust.

    I was really happy to buy this laptop. It may sound weird that it was a dream for me. I have realised the necessity of a laptop when I was at my university. I was unable to complete projects and assignments. I had to rely on my friends who had their own laptops. Though they cordially allowed me to use their laptops, I felt uncomfortable most of the time. On the other side, my father was not rich enough to spend some extra bucks for me to buy a laptop. So, I had planned to have a piece of this device. After lots of struggles, I got the job and finally have my own laptop. So, I am extremely happy to own it and with its so far performance and utilisation.

    More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card topic:

    Topic: Describe a product you bought and felt happy about.

    1. The chopping board was an essential product for me and I bought it last month. I actually needed the chopping board for the cooking purpose. I was having trouble in cutting the kitchen vegetables. I have been using the board for past one month and I am happy with the board as it has made cooking easier for me. Actually, cooking foods take less time but its preparation is lengthier. With the chopping board, I can cut and prepare the vegetables and other food ingredients easily, thus cooking has become easier for me.

    2. Recently, I have bought a Samsung smartphone. I needed the phone for some reasons and have been using it for a month. I am happy with the phone because it comes with the latest features. I can now use the phone for browsing the internet, making phone calls, chatting with friends, playing high-resolution video games and for numerous other purposes. Honestly, I am happy with the phone because it has fulfilled my desire for the latest smartphone. Earlier, I had a Symbian phone set that I used to meet my ordinary purposes and started feeling the necessity of a smartphone. The phone that I have now has met all my needs. I am quite happy with that.

    3. I love to wear perfumes and recently I have bought a perfume of a special brand. I have been using the perfume for last two weeks. When I was in Italy, I used this brand and it was satisfactory. Later, when I returned to my native land, Indonesia, I had been seeking the same brand but could not find that. Luckily, I got a bottle from a brand shop who imported European perfumes. So, I bought it and felt happy to wear it again.

    4. I had been looking for a quality baby oil for my child of two years old. I needed that because he had a little bit dry skin. So, I bought it from an online shop and have been using it since Monday last. I was happy with the baby oil as it was helpful to keep the skin moisture at the desired level. The dryness of the skin was reduced and my baby was comfortable with the oil. Considering all the matters, I was happy with the baby oil.

    5. My wallet had torn for overuse and I bought a new one. In fact, I was in dire need to have a wallet but could not get the right one I required. After lots of search and exploration, I got this special piece. So, I was happy. Besides, the wallet was made of complete leather. The seller also ensured its quality and gave warranty for two years. Moreover, the wallet price was reasonable too. So, based on all the aspects, I was happy with the wallet and using it with a deep satisfaction.

Part 3: Two-way Discussion:

Q. How can technology make our life easier?
Answer: Technology can impact our lives in many ways and so far technological advancement has made our life easier than ever. First of all, the internet has contributed to this to a large extent. This invention has dominated our daily life and made it easier by providing a massive amount of information on different subjects.  It has also made communication faster and easier. For example, you can just press a button and all the desired results can be retrieved instantly. When I was at university, I found many helpful resources on the internet, while in the past students had to go to libraries and spend endless hours of searching. Going further, communication and shopping have improved as well. Nowadays, people across the world communicate whenever they want, whilst some decades ago this entailed time and money. Online purchases are a constant phenomenon, as you can buy anything you want by few mouse clicks and of course at a better price. Finally, the smartphone is a representative example of technology that is used by everyone and because of its multiple functions things that were unattainable in the past, have become completely feasible now.

Technology has made it possible to cure diseases that were incurable in the past. It has improved the way we travel, cook, play, make a relationship, spend our leisure time and so on and on. The space exploration has enhanced our perspective of life and universe while we can better fight the natural disasters with the help of technology. In fact, we are blessed with the advancement of technology on every step of our life. 

Q. What are some greatest inventions you know about?
Answer: There are many remarkable inventions that have changed our lives and humankind. The Automobile and light bulb are two of the most important things that were invented by Karl Benz and Thomas Edison in 1885 and 1870 respectively. The first device helps people commute whenever they want and wherever they are and the second has made working in dark places and at night feasible. We can’t omit computer and the internet as well. The former was invented by Alan Turing, a British Mathematician and is a machine that takes information in, is able to manipulate it in some way, and outputs new information. The latter, allows people to access almost any information located anywhere in the world at any time. Its effects on business, communication, economy, entertainment and even politics are profound. Among other greatest inventions, I should probably mention the wheel, printing press, paper, Penicillin, Integrated Circuit and camera.

Tip: These are only some of the inventions I consider that should be mentioned. There are plenty of other devices that can be included. Some of the greatest inventions of human history are given below from which you can select your personal favourite to speak about:

Air Conditioning, Alphabet, Airplane, Automobile, Barcode, Battery, Calculator, Camera, Candle, Cash Register, Clock, Coins, Compass, Computer, Compact Disk, Credit Card, DVD, DNA Fingerprinting, Electricity, Email, Engine, Fiber Optics, Film, Fuel Cell, Glass, Gun Powder, Ink, Internet, Laser, Light Bulb, LCD, Matches, Mirror, Mobile Phone, Neon Lighting, Paper, Pencil, Printing Press, Radio, Wheel.

Q. Why should we restrict the use of mobile phone in public places?
Answer: The primary reason is that sometimes they can be intrusive and irritating. For instance, when they are used in hospitals or in public libraries they are really disturbing. Mobile usage in public libraries disturbs people from concentrating so they must always be turned to silent. A further reason is that cell phones can be considered as an antisocial means. In a little more detail, most of the time people send messages and make calls to their friends and relatives and this deprives them of face to face communication. A final reason could be health issues that are caused by cell phones. Due to radiation emission, headaches and migraines are a frequent occurrence as well as other health-related problems such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and heart problems.


Q. Why mobile phones are gaining its popularity?
Answer: It’s an undeniable fact that mobile phones are very useful. For example, in case of an emergency, you can make a call and avert something unpleasant, something that without mobile phone possession would be unattainable. Moreover, these appliances enhance communication and help people retain relationships that they might otherwise be lost, take pictures to keep memories, access the internet and include different types of applications as well. So, all these functions are combined and contained in a single device, otherwise having different appliances for every single function would be very expensive and space consuming. This is less expensive to purchase and have many handy applications and usages. These are the main reasons cell phone are gaining its popularity so rapidly.

Q. Can you do without your mobile phone?
Answer: Unfortunately, the answer is no. Due to the fact that it’s multifunctional, it constitutes an integral part of my life. I use it constantly every day to make calls and talk with my friends and family, send messages, access the internet, take pictures. I think I’ll have a very difficult time even if I lose it for a while.

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