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Cue Card (Sep to Dec 2019), CUE CARDS


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Describe a time when you spent a lot of money on something (SEPTEMBER to DECEMBER 2019)

You should say:

  • What was it
  • When did you buy it
  • From where did you buy it

and say did you have to save money for it.

Model Answer:
The expensive thing that I recently bought is a Sony Vaio laptop which cost me around $2000. The Sony laptop I bought is a third-generation i7 laptop and it came with the original Windows 8 operating system. I bought it 3 months ago from the computer market. This is the largest computer and electronics market in our city. I bought it from the Sony showroom and they gave me 2 years warranty on my laptop.

Yes, I had to save money to buy it. My previous laptop was getting out-of-date and I needed a new laptop with a better configuration. I finalized my budget after comparing the prices and brands 7-8 months ago and I started saving money from then.

My father has given me 50% of the price and the remaining half came from my savings. I saved the money from the amount I earn from my part-time job and a portion of the money was saved from the monthly expense I got from my parents. Thus I saved the amount required to purchase the laptop in my bank account and withdrew the whole amount before I purchased it.

I was so happy to have this new laptop even though it cost me more than I could afford as a student.


Describe a time you spent a lot of money on something.

You should say:
What you bought
When you bought it
Where you bought it
And explain why you spent a lot of money to buy it


Well, let me tell you about a time I spent a lot of money. It was Christmas time, but also it was time to get a gift for me. After a long year of hard work, not to mention a grueling (very difficult) one,  it was time to spoil me a little bit.

I knew exactly what I wanted, which was the latest iPhone. I had had mine for about 3 years and I knew it was time for an upgrade. So, I carefully saved up money throughout the year so make sure I could provide this for myself at the end of the year.

The day before Christmas I went into the C Train that takes to downtown and from the train station, I walked to about 15 minutes and I arrived at the Apple Store. I knew it was going to be a lot of money but I was aware that those products last for a very long time, that’s why I decided to get it. After leaving the cashier counter and leaving most of my money, I rapidly (quickly) went back to the train station with my bag on my hands and headed home. When I arrived there, I was so excited to open it as a test for the new phone. In conclusion, it was worth it!

Part 3

Why do young people tend to waste money?

People tend to waste more money because they like to flex (try to look cool) or pretend in front of their friends. They want to show that they can afford things that maybe the other can’t like the latest iPhone or expensive vacations. So, it’s all something superficial for young kids.

Why is it important for people to save some of their money?

Saving money is important because you don’t know how the future is going to be, maybe you will go through rough times where you wish you’ve saved all the money you spent on mundane objects. Still, I think it’s all about balance. Don’t fret (worry) over money too much, but also don’t spend it like a drunken sailor (like a crazy person).

Should children be taught how to manage money?

Children should be taught how to manage their money, it is very important that from the very beginning we all know how to give the best use of our money- it could be saving or investing. Instead of learning so many mathematical skills that we may never use in the school system, I think they should have more classes like this.

Who is better at saving more money, men or women?

I would say that it does not depend on gender, it depends fully on the kind of education we received as kids and also in schools. They say that men can be impulsive, but I know a fair share of women who are the same way. On the other hand, perhaps women spend more on physical maintenance, but by the same token (in the same way), there are also many men who do so.


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disburse  verb very formal

to pay out money from a fund

spend  verb

to use money to pay for things

pay  verb

to give money in order to buy something

pay out  phrasal verb

to spend or pay moneyespecially a lot of money

finance  verb

to pay for something such as a large project

fund  verb

to provide the money for something that costs a lot

invest in  phrasal verb

to spend money on something in order to improve it or make it more successful

put up  phrasal verb

to provide a large amount of money for something

bear the cost/expense etc  phrase

to pay for something

pay good money for something  phrase

to pay a lot for something: used for emphasizing that you spent a lot, especially when it has not been worth it








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