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What are the best books to score 9 on IELTS?

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Best books to score 9 on IELTS with less efforts.

To put it simply, in order to get a Band 9, you need to be able to use English in a very natural way. When you write and when you speak, you appear to do it effortlessly. This comes from developing a very wide vocabulary and to be confident using it: to have knowledge of synonyms, so that you can use language flexibly, to be able to use some idiomatic language when speaking, to be able to link ideas in your writing simply by referring back rather than shoving in linking phrases. Grammar is also important: knowing when and when not to use articles, structuring complex sentence in an easy-to-read way, using different grammatical structures to make your writing more interesting rather than more ‘advanced’.

Band 9 = natural English. People who get 9.0 have a ‘feel’ for the language. You won’t get that from an IELTS book. A really good IELTS book might get you to Band 7. Lots of listening and reading practice might get you to 7.5 overall. Getting to Band 8 and Band 9 is about vocabulary and grammar.

So if you want to get a Band 9, you need to immerse yourself in English. Don’t read IELTS books – read news websites, listen to podcasts, listen to TED Talks, read magazines, chat to people in English, get an English tutor to give you feedback and practice.

Here is a list of websites with reading material to get you started:

IELTS Reading preparation: List of websites to help

Online vocabulary course to help students learn new words, including how to use them correctly:

IELTS Vocabulary: Learn 300 Essential Words for IELTS

Finally though, few people actually need a band score of 9.0. It’s a great goal to have, but getting from 7.5 to 9.0 is a massive step, much bigger than getting from 6.5 to 7.5.

IELTS is not very tough and if you properly practice you can get a score of 9

Managed jointly by the British Council, Cambridge EOSL and IELTS Australia, the IELTS examination, held regularly, conforms to the highest international standard of English language assessment and screening.

IELTS or the International English Language Testing System has been designed for those candidates who wish to study or work in a place where English is a medium of communication.

Recognized by many countries, which include

  • UK
  • USA
  • New Zealand
  • Australia and
  • Canada

anyone who wishes to work or study in these countries needs to clear this important examination.

Publisher of this book is Cambridge University Press have taken utmost care in ensuring that candidates preparing for IELTS are exposed to all important questions, language usage, techniques and tips that are required to crack this examination.

The Official Cambridge Guide To Ielts Student’s Book

Being the official book recommended for IELTS, this book contains all the necessary questions with correct answers expected from a candidate sitting for this examination.

There is also an attached CD-Rom to help the students about pronunciation and important guidelines for taking the examination.

Are official Cambridge books 1-9 sufficient to prepare fully for IELTS?

For a thorough preparation for IELTS, there are a total of 11 official Cambridge books and the latest volume yet to be published. If you have a reasonable good English language skills then the 9 Cambridge books are sufficient to prepare for the IELTS. But out of these 9 books, some of them may be outdated especially the current pattern of the speaking section has been modified then it was when the Cambridge books volume 1 and 2 were published, so it is always advisable to go through the new course material as well for reference. Although the Cambridge books are well researched and most accurate in terms of content yet, of late there have been many changes in the test pattern that are not covered in the previous version of the books.

For a complete preparation, it is best to go through the current preparation material along with the Cambridge book volumes 5,7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Besides this, there are separate books for both the IELTS General training exam and IELTS Academic exam, do refer to the correct version of the book.

Cambridge books to buy

For those whose language skills are not up to the mark or not even average, they need to first have hands-on knowledge of the English language including grammar, pronunciation, sentence structuring, etc. It is only after that one should start practicing from Cambridge books. The Cambridge books are most helpful for the ones who have a good grip on their English communication skills. They can achieve a good score by going through these books.

Besides that, make sure you go through the practice material of every section including the listening section, each section of IELTS is important and the score in each contributes towards a good overall score.

Even though the Cambridge books 1 to 9 are a good preparation material yet they are not sufficient if you are aiming for very high bands. For that, along with these books, you will have to go through some more practice materials that can give you vast practice, especially for reading and listening sections. A lot of material is available on Cambridge’s website and also the latest editions of the Cambridge books are updated as per the latest format of the test. Those are more appropriate to prepare from.


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