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Describe your dream College/University and your dream degree program (IELTS CUE CARD)

Describe your dream College/University and your dream degree program
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Describe your dream College/University

You should say:

  • where the College/University is
  • what attracted you to this College/University
  • what courses are you interested in

and explain why you feel this College/University would be a dream to attend.

Answer: I

The University of my dreams would surely be the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Also previously known as Ingolstadt University. As the name itself suggests, this University is located in Munich, the capital of Germany.

The chief allure for me is the region and language. You see, I spent a significant portion of my childhood in Germany. For me, there is nothing more beautiful than the German language and especially the culture that it promotes. And I am very lucky in that aspect; I can choose to enter the German taught or English taught courses as per my preferences. 

Furthermore, this University specializes in the sciences. Besides being a science student myself, I know for a fact that few can compete with LMU’s excellence and education standards.

Likewise, another draw to this University, in particular, is its previous alumni. Namely, the 42 Nobel laureates that graduated from this very Institution. Not to mention the fact that the grounds can be dated back to 1472, which is just fascinating to think about. I can not even imagine walking the same hallowed halls as my idols!!

As for courses I am interested in, the “Batchelor of Sciences in Computer Sciences” sounds right up my alley. It is a three-year undergraduate degree course in Computer Science itself. In which I would learn about the fundamentals of computer science from a theoretical, practical and application-oriented point of view. 

Thus indeed, I do truly believe this University is the perfect choice for me. It is highly ranked with a significant international student ratio. Further, the faculty is world-renowned and the results truly do speak for themselves as well. With that in mind, it also helps that the school is state-funded, meaning it has ample opportunities for scholarships. 

In the above, I have illustrated my reasons for believing LMU to be my dream university and the course I would want to avail.

Answer: II

My dream college campus is one that not only offers educational purposes but also one that helps students with extracurricular activities and helps build a social life and a safe environment where students consider themselves at home. 

Moreover, the main reason why students enter college is to get educated and receive a bachelor’s degree in a chosen major field of study. An excellent university is one that allows students to choose their own majors and also allow them to pursue a couple of minors if they wish. It is more beneficial for students to complete a major and also have some minor information about a supplementary field of study. For example, if someone majors in Political science, it will be better for them to minor in both History and Economics since they all go hand in hand. 
Furthermore, a successful university is also one the has a core curriculum. A core curriculum is a program where students are required to take a course from each field of study. For example, if you are majoring in Business, you also have to take a humanities course, a natural science course, and a social science course. this way, students graduate have a solid background in all fields of study and good general knowledge.
Most importantly, I believe that my dream campus should have extracurricular activities like joining clubs for awareness purposes, raising money for a good cause and so on. 
My dream degree program is business and I hope one day that I will have a degree in, I also hope that I would find the suitable college for my dreams that fulfills my needs as a striving young business enthusiast
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