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CUE CARDS, IELTS, Speaking Part 2

Describe an important e-mail that you have received lately

Describe an important e-mail that you have received lately
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IELTS Cue Card

Describe an important e-mail that you have received lately:

-Who was this e-mail from?

-When did you receive it?

–  Explain how important this e-mail was?


IELTS Speaking Task Answer

E-mail or electronic mail is the modern and quick way to send messages. This is a very useful gift of technology. Here I would like to talk about a much awaited mail that I got recently. The mail was from the British Council.

I had booked the date for my IELTS exam and the date for the exam was approaching near with each passing day. I was waiting eagerly for the e-mail as from it I would be able to know the various details like the venue of the examination hall, timings, date of speaking exam and of course, the date of the result. My other friend, who had booked the date of the exam with me, got the email but I did not. This made me a bit jittery and nervous. At the same time, I had full faith in the working of the British Council and I was sure that the e-mail would arrive well in time.

Finally, when only five days were left for the exam, I received the e-mail. I felt very happy and relieved to see this mail in my mail box. This mail was important to me, as I have already said, it gave me the various  details and aspects related to the taking of IELTS exam. Moreover, the IELTS exam was one step in the direction of fulfilling my dreams of going abroad. This explains why this e-mail was of utmost importance for me and also my restlessness till I did not get it.

Rounding off question for IELTS Speaking :

How often you write e-mails?

Ans. I prefer to write e-mails . Writing e-mail is a very convenient, quick and cheap way of sending and receiving messages.


IELTS Speaking Task 3

Q.1. Do you think letter  writing will become a thing of the past in the near future? Why?

Ans. I think that it is quite possible in the near future . This is because the e-mails are more effective way of sending and receiving messages.

Q.2.Why do the older people prefer to write letters?

Ans. Well, the older people have been writing letters all their lives and do not want to change. They are hesitant to try out something new. So they prefer to write letters only.

Q.3. How has technology changed our lives?

Ans. Technology has made a great impact on our lives. The things, which were considered to be a mere figment of one’s imagination , have become a reality. The beneficial aspects of technology have made our lives easy but at the same time, it has given rise to a sedentary way of living.

Q.4.How would computers change in the future?

Ans. Well, in my opinion, in the future , computers will become even more advanced. They will be used in every aspect of life.

Q.5. What is the role of computers in education?

Ans. Computers, especially with the internet, have made a great contribution in the field of education. It is a fact that the internet is a mine of information. Computers help to actually visualize things and students can remember those things better which they see.

Q.6. Is it important to be computer literate these days?

Ans. Yes, definitely.  Computer literacy is very important these days, as everything, every service is becoming computerized these days. A person, who does not have knowledge of computers will feel challenged in these circumstances.

Q.7. Do you think e-books will replace traditional books?

Ans. According to my point of view, the e-books will become more popular but these cannot completely replace the traditional books.



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