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Talk about someone who encourages you to achieve goals (IELTS CUE CARDS 2020)

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Talk about someone who encourages you to achieve goals

Talk about someone who encourages you to achieve goals

  •  Who is the person

  •  How is he/she related to you

  •  How does he/she encourage you

  •  Something about that person which you like the mostSample-1

I think motivation is essential for everyone and it inspires us to work harder to achieve our goals.  I am so fortunate regarding this matter because my father always encourages me to achieve my aims in life.  His guidance inspired me during my study time, and I always got better results.

My father’s name is (your father’s name), and he is a retired army officer.  He is in his late fifties and tall and handsome. He faced many challenges throughout his life and always fought them with courage. To boost my confidence, he shares his army life experience with me.  During my graduation,  he encouraged me to study hard to achieve good grades. Due to his encouragement,  I got the third position in the university.  He helped me to make plans for study and other activities, and following his plan, I succeed in my life.  Now, he encourages me to perform well in IELTS and get bands that I require. The most important thing I like about my father is that he never gives up and told me that if you work hard, you always succeed.  He always encourages me and supports me whatever the situation is.


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