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Penny Pincher – Idiom of the Day

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Penny Pincher – Idiom of the Day




The idiom seems to have originated in the 19th century. This idiom is related to the idiom called “A penny-a-liner” which was in use in 1834. It was to be used to refer to a writer for a periodical or magazine. In those days, publishers wanted to pay less and earn more profits. So they chose writers who wrote less content because they can be paid less. The writers were also tactful and restricted themselves to limited content inorder to write regularly for the publisher. The publishers were called penny pinchers. 

It also seems to be related to the idiom “penny dreadful”. Penny dreadful referred to cheap content. This content did not require much promotion and sold easily. So publishers minted money. 

Idiom scenarios:

Scenario 1:

Friend 1: This house is such a shame to our colony. Can’t the owner get it painted? Is he so poor? 

Friend 2: My God! He is a retired government official. 

Friend 1: Then why can’t he paint the house ?

Friend 2: He is a penny pincher.

Scenario 2:

Friend 1: Can’t you buy a new basket to carry vegetables? It looks pathetic.

Friend 2: It is still in good condition. I will use it as long as I can. 

Friend 1: You’re such a penny pincher. 


Go through the examples  to understand the usage of the idiom:

1.His dad was a penny pincher and gave him very less money to spend in the excursion 

2. As he was a penny pincher, he did not spend money on interior decoration.

3. I don’t buy in the ABC market. It’s for penny pinchers.

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