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CUE CARDS, Speaking Part 1

IELTS Cue Card Speaking Topic

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IELTS Cue Card Speaking Topic

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What are the advantages of studying instead of working?

Well, there are numerous advantages. These days educational qualification plays an important role in getting ahead. Besides, you get to learn about people, culture, religion, science and many more. And the study is the only way to learn about diverse subjects.

What do you study? Where do you study?

I study Management, Hotel Management to be precise. It is a subject that involves learning about hotels, motels and the management related to them. I am in the 2nd year of my Bachelor’s degree. I study at Balkumari College, Narayangarh, a public College that is close to one of the busiest markets in Chitwan.

Why did you choose this subject?

I have a relative in Australia who is also doing a similar course but is in the final years of his degree. I used to talk to him a couple of years back and through him, I came to know that this course is of high value in Australia. Since I am also planning to pursue Australia later in my life, I thought studying hotel Management now will help me once I move there.

What do you find the most interesting aspect about your subject?

The food and beverage service is one of the most important aspects. There I get to learn about the dining culture and food. I find it interesting to learn about various types of alcohol too.

What do you dislike about your subject/study?

The housekeeping is something I simply hate. I do not like to be involved in cleaning aspects of houses of hotels and that subject is all about cleaning and maintaining. Though housekeeping is one of the major departments, I found it very unattractive as a career choice.

What do you hope to do after your graduation?

I hope to find a job in a good hotel after I graduate. I want to gain some real-world experiences before deciding to pursue my further studies. Besides, I am also hoping to find a teaching position in an avocational college where I can share my learning to the newcomers who are willing to explore the food and beverage industry.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I have a plan to go to Australia in the future. Exploring Australian culture and the hotel industry are my aims in life. Most of my relatives are there and International Culture and lifestyles are always on our talks and that’s why I have most of my aims related to Australia.


Describe a place in your city that you would like to visit

Describe a beautiful place to visit in your country. You should say; Where it is how to get there what there is to do when you are there? And explain why you recommend this place?
I am going to talk about Pokhara, a fascinating place to visit and gather amazing memories. Pokhara is considered one of the most sought after places in terms of natural beauty and lies in western Nepal. Western Nepal is home to world-class tourist attractions and Pokhara tops the chart.
If you board a flight from the capital city, it will take you half an hour to reach there. You can also choose to reserve private vehicles or public transportations. A private vehicle will take approximately 5 hours whereas a bus will take you almost 7 hours to reach Pokhara. It is easily accessible and connected to the major cities around the country via road and air.
Pokhara offers numerous facilities to make your trip memorable. A beautiful Fewa lake offers boating excursions and fishing information. You can hire a boat and boat around the lake for an entire day. Besides, the place is home to monasteries and temples. One of the major attractions of Pokhara is its caves. The caves are narrow and are regarded as ‘a must visit’ by many foreigners. A small stretch right by the Fewa lake is ‘the most happening’ place in entire Pokhara and has a variety of specialty restaurants, bars, and discos.
I recommend Pokhara because of its friendly international atmosphere. You can meet people from around the world and expand your networks. Besides, if you are an adventurer, you have ample thrilling events happening all the time. You can enrich your trip by hiring bicycles, bikes or even cars and visit the outskirts of Pokhara.
To sum up, the place will not depress you. It is my all-time favorite place and I frequently visit to revitalize myself once in a while.
Why do you think people like to travel to different places in their free time?
People have different motives while traveling to places. Some go to revitalize their work spirits, some go to expand their networks while some simply visit to have fun. For me, it’s always related to ‘expanding my networks’. I am always on a lookout to meet people from a variety of races, cultures, and businesses. I love to share experiences, share my learning and make new friends.
How do you see tourism changing in your country in the future?
The governments have finally realized the potential of tourism in our country and started investing in the infrastructure. People are more conscious about the positive impacts of an international network and therefore value tourists’ arrival. In my opinion, more facilities will be offered to the tourists and more destinations will be open to the people. Besides, domestic tourism is also on the rise these days. Since the spending power of people have gone up, they have started purchasing various tour packages to have fun. The future looks promising in tourism.
Why is it important to protect the countryside?
The countryside holds tremendous potential in terms of tourism. The cultures, traditions, and lands are exotic and are preferred by people willing to experience something different. They are the gold mines and, therefore, should be protected to uplift the prosperity of a country.
In what ways is the countryside in danger in your country?
In our country, the government is in the process of connecting the countryside with urban cities. The enormous potential that the countryside holds is still ignored by the majority of people who live there. Ignorance might risk the extinction of their valuable cultures and traditions. That’s the major risk we have.
Why are historic buildings and monuments important to a city?
Historical buildings are the identity of a city. They give us information about an entire generation. They tell us stories and are also considered important in tourism aspects.
Is it better to keep old buildings or build new modern ones?
It is important to keep old buildings because they are our pride. The old buildings are precious we will not be able to build a history with modern buildings. However, if we have vacant land, we can construct new buildings on them. It is our responsibility to preserve our heritage and history.


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