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IELTS Speaking Actual Test in Australia

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Speaking Part 1

1 What is your full name?

Well, I am “Name”.

2 Can I see your ID?

Of course! Here it is. 

3 Where are you from?

I am from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, which is the 4th largest city in India and is also the leading commercial centre of South India. The capital city, formerly known as ‘Madras’, is widely famous for its culture and white-sand beaches.

4 Do you work or study?

At present, I work in an ed-tech firm as a Content Marketing Specialist where I have to focus on the strategic, technical or creative aspects of content marketing and perform the tasks allotted to me. My colleagues are amazing to work with, and we learn a lot of things from each other.

5 Do you think your job is hard?

No, I don’t think so. But the fact that I have to do thousands of edits to get to the final one that meets the requirements of my boss is really tiring. Sometimes I feel a bit overloaded with tons of tasks. 

6 Why do you think so?

Well, I think my job as a Content Marketing Specialist is hard because it requires a lot of time to complete the tasks as I have to research, gather content, make notes and wait for the editor’s approval. Later, I’ve to work on the edits as per the editor’s requirements. 

7 Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument?

I learned to play the organ when I was in kindergarten. It was quite funny because I started out as one of the performers, then my teacher told my mom that I had better play the organ instead of performing, so I became her trainee and it continued for around 4 to 5 years until I was 10.

Speaking Part 2

Describe an interesting neighbor

You should say:

  • Who the person is
  • How long do you know the person
  • And explain the reason why you think the person is interesting

Sample Answers

My family live in a truly friendly neighborhood where people are more than willing to support each other whenever somebody is in need, which is also why we are all very close. Among them, Charlie – a kind middle-aged man and my father’s best friend – is the one I find most intriguing, yet mysterious at the same time.

Charlie has been living next door for how long that I can hardly recall, but I know for certain that his baking skill is off the charts – another reason why he’s my favorite. When I was younger, Charlie and his wife usually came over our house on weekends where we had a barbecue and cold drinks together and Charlie would make special chocolate cookies for me every time. My first impression about him wasn’t that pleasant though since he grew full beard and had a scary eagle tattooed on his bicep, which was terrifying for any little girl. In spite of his not-so-friendly appearance, Charlie is a true softie who acts like a mother hen occasionally. Then I understand why there’s a saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Besides his talent in the kitchen, he is such an amazing storyteller that I kept tailing him, literally, as a kid for more extraordinary tales. What makes his stories appealing is not only his warm voice but the underlying messages that he tries to deliver through them. I have learnt a lot from Charlie and he is like my unofficial godfather, which makes him hold a very special place in my heart.

Vocabulary Foe Cue Card

  • Middle-aged: no longer young but not yet old
    Eg: The company is run by middle-aged women.
  • Intriguing (a): very interesting because of being unusual or not having an obvious answer
    Eg: The statement given by the witness seems to be intriguing. 
  • Be off the charts: much better than usual
    Eg: The new album by Selena Gomez is off the charts. 
  • Impression: an idea, a feeling or an opinion that you get about somebody/something, or that somebody/something gives you
    Eg: The judges were impressed with her presentation. 
  • Softie: a kind, sympathetic or emotional person
    Eg: Although he seems to be a grumpy person, he’s a real softie at heart. 
  • Mother hen: a person who likes to care for and protect people and who worries about them a lot
    Eg: “This coach will be a mother hen to your new team”. 
  • Underlying: important in a situation but not always easily noticed or stated clearly
    Eg: She was not sure of his underlying motives. 
  • Appealing (a): attractive or interesting
    Eg: The red velvet cake looked appealing to me. 

Speaking Part 3

1 How is the neighborhood in your home country?

Neighbourhood in my country is truly great as it syncs with my current lifestyle and caters to my specific needs. There’s a departmental store, a supermarket, a medical center, a pharmacy, a mini mall, 4 to 5 food outlets, and a town library located in my neighborhood. 

2 Is it difficult to get along with neighbours in city areas?

In my opinion, there’s no difficulty in getting along with neighbours in the city. Of course, some people can take time to become friends with. But if a person learns the basic neighbourly etiquette, then it becomes easy for him to get along with people.

3 What can be done if your neighbours are loud and noisy?

People are more likely to have disputes with neighbours. Out of all such disputes, the most common one is neighbours being loud and noisy. Such neighbours will render the whole area uninhabitable. Therefore, you can catch up with your neighbour in a public place and talk to them regarding the issue. 

Vocabulary For Speaking Part 3

  • Sync: to work well together, to be in agreement, or to match well with something or someone else
    Eg: The music is not in sync with the picture. 
  • Win-win situation: a result is one that is good for everyone who’s involved. 
    Eg: Flexible working hours are a win-win situation for employers and employees. 
  • Etiquette: the set of rules or customs that control accepted behaviour in particular social groups or social situations
    Eg: Children should be taught basic dining etiquette from childhood. 
  • Dispute: a disagreement or argument.
    Eg: These countries have a border dispute. 
  • Uninhabitable: (of a place) unsuitable for living in.
    Eg: The village had become uninhabitable due to the construction of heavy metal factories. 
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