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Writing Task 2

Do you think it is better for students to work before their university study? Why? Use reasons and specific examples to support your choice.

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Some people say that students should take up employment before joining a university to continue further study. I would completely agree with this opinion as the practical experience gained will help students to perform better in their academics and moreover, will give them financial freedom. This essay will explain this in detail.

First of all, students who work in the area of the specialized course which they intend to study at a university, will greatly help them in understanding the concepts faster and will score better when compared to the students without job experience. They can correlate the academic lessons with the hands-on knowledge they gained during their employment. This is quite evident when we examine the report, published by University of Michigan that the students who have prior work experience, scored better in their academics when compared to those who doesn’t have job experience.

Secondly, there are monetary benefits. Working in a firm will give the students the financial freedom and some students can even be able to pay their tuition fees with the money they saved during their employment. This gives them a sense of responsibility and will make them feel proud of being independent. While interviewing a professor at Cambridge University, he mentioned that students who pay their tuition fee with their hard earned money, would often feel responsible and work hard to achieve good grades in their exams.

In summary, taking up an employment in their relevant field of study will help students, who wish to study at a university. This will also make them financially independent. In the future, more students are likely to take up an employment before starting their education at a university.

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