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Describe how you met your best friend.

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Describe how you met your best friend.

You should say:

  • Who is s/he
  • How & where you two met
  • What things you did together

and give details on how you two met.

Model Answer:
I met my best Friend Raz when I was only 10 years old and that was in a family program which was short of a small birthday celebration. His full name is Abraham Raz and he is still my best friend after so many years.

It was his younger sister’s 5th birthday and our whole family was invited to attend the celebration. We went their home in the evening and stayed there till late night. I found a boy around my age was present at the party and was looking at me quite often. All of a sudden he came to me and asked if my name. I found that he was in grade 4 and was quite good at Math and History. He offered me to play the chess with him and he also showed me his book and stamp collections. This is how I met my best friend at his sister’s birthday party and with time our friendship and intimacy grew stronger.

We often played football, chess and other games together. Since we studied in the same high school, we did countless things together including wandering in old houses & forest, fishing, making toys and gaming tools, watching games and movies, sharing foods, studying and even fighting together. We had many common interests and hobbies like collecting stamps, visiting places, swimming in the river, playing football, and drawing. We often did these activities together and in fact, we enjoyed doing so.

Still, we debate on our personal issues, challenge each other on games, discuss politics, history, current issues etc. We actually enjoy our time together. He is a very good friend of mine and he has helped me in times of needs. Our mutual understanding is pretty deep and that’s why we are best friends.

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