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Cue Card (Sep to Dec 2019), CUE CARDS

Describe the first time you met someone (SEP TO DEC 2019)

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Describe the first time you met someone.

The question I asked my mom all the time was whether or not I could have a sister. The answer, always, was no. “You are going to have a little brother and then I’m not going to have any more babies and that’s that!” She would tell me this even though I desperately wanted a sister. Regardless of what I wanted, my little brother on the way.

I was five years old.

I couldn’t wait to meet my little brother. My dad picked me up and brought me to the hospital to meet my little brother named Sir.

I had to sleep in the living room on her sofa bed. It was weird to be sleeping in another bed, in another room, but I knew the next morning I would get to meet my new brother.

As I was looking around my grandmother’s living room in the dark, I spotted something on the ceiling. Trying to focus my eyes, I realized it was a cockroach. Agh! I have never felt more scared in my five-year-old life!

At my grandmother’s house…

The day arrived.

We appreciate each other

now that we are adults. Both our parents have passed away,

so we are all the family we got.

My dad came to pick me up from school. He told me I had to go to my grandmother’s house because my mom was going into labour.

After the night spent at my grandmother’s house.

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