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Cue Card (Sep to Dec 2019), CUE CARDS

Describe a time that children made you laugh (SEPTEMBER to DECEMBER 2019)

Posted: September 16, 2019 at 11:21 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Describe a time that children made you laugh

    1. When was it?

    2. What did they do?

    3. Why it made you laugh?

Well, children are innocent and they often make others laugh with their farcical actions. So one such event I’d like to talk about it. It was a few days ago when I was talking with next-door kids.

There are quite a few kids leaving around my house, so I have a chit chat with them regularly. That day I decide to talk to them about what they would like to become when they grow up. I choose this topic just know about their knowledge. But it turned out all those kids knew about professional at an earlier age.

One child among them told me that I want to become a pilot, a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, an astronaut, and a father. I was confused and asked him back, how a single person can possess different skills at the same. What he replied to me was really hilarious, he told me that every other day I’ll change my occupation because my Dad is a political leader, and he can allow me to work in all field.

To sum up, this was a really laughable and strange answer to me. I couldn’t stop laughing for an hour thinking about his answer. They really blew me away with their knowledge. I think kids nowadays gain knowledge by watching rhymes and videos.

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