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Describe a place full of colour (IELTS CUE CARD Jan to April 2020)

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Describe a place full of colour (IELTS CUE CARD Jan to April 2020)

You should say:
what place it was
why you went there
what you did there
and explain why you think it was full of colour

I would like to share with you my impressions of a garden that I visited last summer, which was full of colour and interest: Claude Monet‟s house and garden in Giverny, France.
As a big fan of Monet‟s paintings, especially the famous „Water Lilies‟, I had always dreamed of seeing he scene in real life. So, when some friends suggested a visit last year, I jumped at the chance. After a journey of about an hour by train from our hotel, we arrived at Giverny. The garden was exactly as he had painted it – it was a riot of colour, from the peaceful white of the water lilies to the striking reds and oranges which filled some of the flowerbeds. The two parts of the garden complemented each other perfectly. We first admired the array of bright flowers and fruit trees in the Clos Normand, but my favourite part was the water garden, and we enjoyed a leisurely stroll, taking in all the colours, perfumes and bird songs. Monet avidly collected prints of Japanese gardens, and these inspired the Japanese bridges covered with wisterias, the water lilies in the pond, and the bamboo and weeping willows which he planted.
For me, it was like a wonderland of colours and a dream come true after so many years.

striking – आकर्षक

willows – बेंत

Model Answer:

  • We live in a world full of colour
  • Life would be very dull and boring without colour
  • It is difficult to imagine a life without the blue sky, green grass and the colourful flowers.
  • Here, I would like to talk about a place I visited which was full of colour
  • Last year I went to Jaipur with my family
  • We went there for a one-week holiday.
  • We saw so many palaces and forts over there.
  • We saw the City Palace, the Maharani Palace and the Amer Fort
  • We also did a lot of shopping over there
  • Jaipur is known as the pink city
  • It is named after a colour
  • Many buildings over there are pink in colour
  • There is a place near Jaipur called Chokhi Dhani.
  • We spent one whole day over there
  • It is a place just like Haveli, where many artists display the culture and tradition of Rajasthan.
  • It looked as if the whole colourful culture of Rajasthan was on display there
  • We saw many dances, including the jhoomar dance in which the performers were wearing the most colourful dresses.
  • Then, we saw the Kalbelia or the snake charmers dance in which the performers were dressed in black
  • Then there was the colourful puppet show
  • I bought some puppets as souvenirs for my friends.
  • We clicked many photographs over there
  • It was an amazing day
  • All those colourful memories are still fresh in my mind
  • The entry ticket included the traditional Rajasthani meal
  • We returned to our hotel after enjoying dinner
  • If I get a chance, I would love to see chokhi Dhani again.

Follow ups

  1. Is colour important for clothing?
    Yes, color is important for clothing. It reflects the choice and also the personality of a person. Also, there are many occasions where clothes in appropriate colors need to be worn. So it is important to consider color for clothing.
  2. What colours are the least popular in your country?
    There are no least popular colors in my country. I think it is a personal/individual preference and people have their choice or taste when it comes to colors they like or dislike. However, it cannot be generalized for the entire nation.
  3. Would these colours become popular in the future?
    There may be colors that become more or less popular every year, but that is only in terms of the fashin trends. So, colors which are not much seen or used in the fashion industry today, may become more popular in the future.
  4. What was the most popular colour last year?
    If I talk about the fashion industry, purple color was in trend last year.
  5. How do colours affect people’s mood?
    Colors affect people’s mood in both positive and negative ways. Some colors may bring a sense of peace and serenity, for example, the blue color of the sky, or the ocean. Some colors make us feel happy, like yellow, orange, and other such bright colors, especially when we see flowers in such colors. Some colors may make us feel dull, like greys. When there are too many days without sunshine, the days are usually dull and grey and make us also feel low on energy.
  6. What colours are mostly seen in buildings in India?
    In India, buildings are mostly painted in lighter shades of whites, browns, and other such colors. Some buldings are made of brick and are red in color. The buildings that make use of stone are the color of the stone. However, these days, we can find buildings in different colors, some are light and some bright in color.
  7. What colour is suitable for offices?
    I think the color of the walls of offices should be mostly lighter shades, like cream, white, light blue, etc. However, there should be some area of the office that has bright colored walls, like in the cafeteria or the recreation room.
  8. Do you think the colours of a company’s uniform represent the image of a company?
    Yes, it definitely does. The color of the uniform reflects the branding and image of the company as it gives out the message about the outlook of the organization. It has been researched that the color of the uniform helps in bringing the customers back.
  9. How differently do men and women look at the same colour?
    I recently read about the research that men and women describe the same color differently. Women are better at recognising and distinguishing colors, while men may not be that accurate about the colors they see. It has been found out that this is because of the difference in neural connections in men and women.
  10. Is there any change in the use of colours in the present than in the past?
    Yes, there is a change in the way we use colors today, as compared to the past. There have been many new colors created in the recent past, that weren’t available earlier. These days we have more variety of colors available in everything we use and ses around us, be it buildings, clothes, gadgets, appliances, etc. In the past, fewer colors were used in all spheres of life
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