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Cue Card (Sep to Dec 2019), CUE CARDS

Describe a person who likes to travel by plane (SEPTEMBER to DECEMBER 2019)

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Describe a person who likes to travel by plane

who this person is
how you know this person
where this person travels to
and explain why this person likes to travel by plane.

I think this person would be my father who is an engineer. Due to his work, he has got loads of clients to the big cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, and even in other countries. And almost two-third of the time in a month, he is on business trip to meet clients, attend meetings and tackle some severe problems. That’s why he has travelled a lot especially by air to different places.

I feel that as for a businessman, taking the airplane would save him much time and he is able to finish his work with high efficiency. Sometimes the price of a flight ticket can be negligible if he successfully make orders with clients. Also, the service on the plane is much better than that on the train. The flight attendance will offer various beverages and food, and the passengers can even ask for free blankets and back cushion. The passengers on the plane are not as many as that on the train, which makes the plane a cosy place for relaxation. My father always tells me that the quietness on the plane makes it possible for him to take a rest between the two cities. I think that’s the main reason why he insists on taking planes for business trip

especially- ख़ास तौर पर

efficiency- दक्षता

beverages- पेय

cushion- तकिया

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