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Cue Card (May to Aug 2019)

Describe a person you think has interesting ideas and opinions (IELTS Cue Card May to Aug 2019)

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  •  who this person is
  •  how you know this person
  •  what interesting ideas/opinions he or she has
  •   and explain you think why his/her ideas are interesting.

I’m going to talk about my friend, Hardy, who is very good at languages and always has a lot of interesting ideas when it comes to language learning and teaching. He is a fellow teacher at my workplace so we have had lot of opportunities to work together.

He is fluent in THREE foreign languages, English, Chinese and Japanese, in addition to his mother tongue. So you can imagine, as a language teacher, he has great advantages.

Although language comes to him naturally, he knows that for others it may not, and always tries to come up with new methods to help language learners improve faster and achieve better results. In addition to imparting knowledge, he also does it in an interesting way. For example, at the start of each class, he would have all the students stand up and play some warm-up games instead of going straight into doing routine teaching stuff. Some of the games are even invented by himself and I must say they are all well thought out. I learn a lot from observing his classes and look forward to working more with him in the future.

Part 3

  • At what age do you think (young) people begin to have their own ideas? (Why?)
  • When do children start to have their own ideas?
  • Who do you think has more influence on children’s ideas, their parents or their teachers?
  • Can you suggest why children, as they grow older, have more and more disagreements with their parents about ideas?


A person you think has interesting ideas and opinions.

  • Who this person is

  • how you know this person

  • What kinds of ideas and opinions he has

  • How do you think of this person

Sample 1:-

Well, frankly speaking, I know so many persons who have great opinions and thoughts. however, here I would like to talk about one of them Mr. Jaideep Singh. I personally believe that he has enough knowledge about anything.

Apart from it, he is my husband’s friend and his age are near about 40+. he is running his own business. Although he is too tall and slim, he looks handsome. interestingly, one thing that I like most about him is that he is health conscious and do hard work to keep himself fit as well as, healthy.

Moreover, He started his business at the age of 25 and achieve so many success in it. he also has great knowledge about religion, politics, history, health and some home remedies as well, whenever I visited his showroom he shared his experience related to his personal life which I found quite interesting.

With it, for example, last week when we sat together he told about his business, how he started with a small shop and turned it into a showroom now. he always shared only those ideas which motivate others. he is a good advisor also. he never put an unfair opinion on anything.

Furthermore, firstly, he goes to the depth of the fact then gives his opinion. Apart from it, he gives advice to some other people through seminars that how to live glad and healthy. So, that’s why I think that he has captivating ideas and opinions.

Sample 2:-

Well, in daily life I meet with a lot of people’s who has loads of amazing ideas and different views. but here I would lie to talk about one of them Mr. Virat Verma. He is my best friend. even though his age is 21. He has a round face and looks handsome.

I know about him since my first day of school. I remember that day when we met the first time and that day was 6th standard admission day. That time we came with parents.

Still, we are the best friend and, whenever I’m stuck in any type of trouble then, I call him to get an idea to how to solve the problem. interestingly, he always gives me the best idea and opinion.

The most important thing, he could think of any idea just in a blink of an eye. Once, I wanted to start any types of business and, I asked him about that. Surprisingly, at the spot, he told me above 7-8 business such as online shopping, web design, gym, cafe, construction business, photography business, beauty salon and spa, and so on. With it, he also gave me proper knowledge about each and every business.

Moreover, my mother also shares all matters with him because he is a very honest person as well, he easily understands everyone trouble. He also does a wonderful job in the government bank and he is casher.

According to my viewpoint, he is a very important person in my life and, whenever I think about him I fell amazing because he is my best friend. He always stands with me in any situation. At last, I always feel proud of him for his innovatively thinking and thankful for god for having such an amazing friend.

Followups question:-

Question:- Can we solve real-life problems?

Answer:- According to me, smart and intelligent people are good at solving real-life problems. Moreover, real-life troubles are different as compared to textbook stories, movie because in this we know about answer and solutions. For example: In mathematics book, we know how to solve the problems as well as, in these answers also provided at the end of the book. But, in real life, it is not possible. In the real world, all situation and conditions are not the same but, when the trouble is the same then, time, place, people and situations are different. Sometimes we solve real-life problems with someone or alone.

Question:- Do you choose the right people for the correct ideas or opinions?

Answer:- When it comes to solving problems, it is quite impossible to choose anyone for a good idea and views. that time we discuss with the number of people and everyone gives idea according to their thinking level. Moreover, sometimes we select the proper person to get the best idea or opinion otherwise, we take the wrong decision and, feel bad in the future.

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