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Describe a movie you would like to watch again.

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Describe a movie you would like to watch again.

You should say:

  • what it was about
  • when and where you watched it
  • who you watched it with

and explain why you would like to watch it again.

Sample Answer 1:
‘Saving Private Ryan’- directed by Steven Spielberg, is the movie I would like to watch again. As I recall I watched this movie about 12 years ago when I was in high school. This was an outstanding movie with a compelling storyline, set during the World War II. I enjoyed this movie quite a lot and this was one of the best movies I have ever seen. I watched this movie in our DVD player with two of my friends. On a weekend I rented this movie and invited Patrick and Stephen to watch it at our home.

This movie tells the story of the invasion of Normandy in the World War 2. It is considered an epic war drama film and it shows notable graphics and depiction of wars. This is indeed the kind of film that most of the viewers are bound to like. This film has got many positive criticisms and won many international awards.

Personally, I liked it so much because of its high-quality production, realistic portrayals of war, praiseworthy acting, notable casting and historic significance. I believe that this movie easily qualifies to be listed in someone’s all-time favourite movies and watching it again would not be less enjoyable by any means.

Patrick and Stephen are both working full time- Patrick as a lawyer and Stephen as an investment banker. A few months back we hung out together and we agreed that we will enjoy a day off together just for the old time’s sake. We also agreed that we will spend our time at home just like we used to do in our high school days. Then I proposed to select a movie to watch and finally we decided to watch this movie again.

Personally, I am a fan of Steven Spielberg movies and ‘Saving Private Ryan’ is one of his best works. I am sure I will enjoy this movie again with my two close friends, as much as I did at our young age.

Sample Answer 2:
I have watched a good number of movies but none of them was so splendid like the movie ’12 Angry Men’. I believe this was one of the best movies I have ever watched in my life, and I also would like to watch it again.

The movie – 12 Angry Men is a noir thriller movie. The movie was produced in 1957 and gained much popularity for its brilliant plot and cast performance. The movie was about a trial where a slum boy was alleged to kill his father. There were 12 jurors who were assigned to run the trial and come to a verdict. But at a certain point, one of the jurymen was convinced that there was enough doubt to be sure that the boy actually killed the father. He was thus against condemning the boy of the murder. He started breaking down the allegations against the boy. In fact, none of the evidence was strong enough to prove the boy guilty. The Jurors were divided into two groups and after lots of hot words and logical exchanges, they come to the point that the boy was not guilty. Finally, all of the jurors voted the boy as ‘not guilty’.

I watched the movie back in 2010 when I was travelling in Delhi. I went there for some business purposes and had to travel on the train for two days. So, to pass the time, I took some movies on my laptop. It was the first movie that was on the list. So, I watched it on the train. But watching the movie on a fast-moving train was not so easy. The train was vibrating at its extreme speed and in line with the shake, my laptop was unsteady. So, often I had to get a closer look at the screen. Besides, it was impossible to listen to the dialogues as the noise prevented the sounds from reaching out my ear perfectly. Luckily I had my mobile phone headphone with me that I used on the laptop.

I was travelling with my team. We were four in number and reserved a first-class cabin on the train. But none of them was interested in watching the movie on the train. Rather they preferred playing cards. So, I had to watch the movie alone. It was a boon for me. Because of the external noise, I could not listen to the dialogues and in such case, if I had to share the headphone, I could not comfortably enjoy the movie. In fact, sharing a small-sized laptop is really challenging in ordinary situations, and if it is in a train compartment, the troubles increase.

I would like to watch the movie again for some special reasons. Firstly, I could not completely enjoy the movie on a train. So, I have a curiosity to watch it again. Besides, the movie plot is very special and dramatic. Though this was a thriller movie, I think the dramatic elements are more. While watching, I also guessed that the slum boy was guilty of the charges pressed against him were almost true. But the allegations were turned down by the jury 8. He argued favouring the boy. Though he was criticised by the other jurors for backing the hapless boy, he did not give up. At last, he proved that the boy was not guilty. The event touched me severely. I think some sort of social messages has been delivered with the movie. So, I think I should watch the movie ’12 Angry Men’ again to have a better understanding.

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