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Vocabulary Words 21-04-21

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Learn New Vocabulary Words and become fluent in Spoken English


to limit or control something, especially something bad

किसी बात (विशेषतः) बुरी स्थिति पर रोक लगाना; नियंत्रण में लाना

Example: He needs to learn to curb his anger.

What is the synonym of the curb?

SYNONYMS. restrain, hold back, keep back, hold in, repress, suppress, fight back, bite back, keep in check, check, control, keep under control, rein in, keep a tight rein on, contain, discipline, govern, bridle, tame, subdue, stifle, smother, swallow, choke back, muzzle, silence, muffle, strangle, gag.


to support or encourage somebody/something; to make something stronger

किसी को प्रोत्‍साहित करना, बढ़ावा या समर्थन देना; किसी को अधिक सशक्त बनाना; शक्तिवर्द्धन करना

Example: His remarks did nothing to bolster my confidence.


Strengthen, Sustain, Aid, Reinforce, Fortify


a situation in which many people leave a place at the same time

एक ही समय में बहुत-से लोगों का एक स्‍थान को छोड़ना; सामूहिक प्रस्‍थान, निर्गमन

Example: There has been a mass exodus of workers from the villages to the towns.

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