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Food that people eat on special events (IELTS Cue Card May to Aug 2019)

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Food that people eat on special events

  • How is it cooked           Why do people eat it                     Why you like it

India is a diverse country. There are many types of food that people eat on special events. These food vary from the north to the south and from the east to the west. For example, in North India, people eat jalebi as a dessert on dussehra, they eat rice pudding on Lohri, fritters on Diwali and makki ki roti and Sarson ka saag on family functions in winters. Makki ki roti is a chapati made of maize flour, and sarson ka saag is a dish made of mustard leaves. People eat these foods for many reasons. First, it is a custom to cook and eat these foods on these occasions. Second, these foods are tasty and loved by all. Finally, all the ingredients are easily available everywhere. Here, I would like to talk about Jalebi, which is a hot favourite of the people of Punjab. It is customary to eat jalebi on dussehra, but it is also eaten on other festivals and occasions like birthdays and weddings It is made by deep frying maida batter in circular shapes and then soaking in sugar syrup. Jalebi can be served warm or cold, but I like it more when it is warm. It is orange in colour. It can be made in various thicknesses, but I personally like the thin and crisp jalebis. So, jalebi is a food that people eat on special occasions.

rice pudding: खीर      fritters: पकौड़े

Part 3 Follow Up Questions

  1. Which food is generally popular in your country?

India is a diverse country. Different types of food are popular in different parts of India. For example, in North India, wheat chapati and dal sabzi is a common food, whereas in South India, idli dosa is eaten in routine.

  • Why some people prefer planting food themselves?

People prefer planting food like vegetables themselves because they want to eat vegetables grown without insecticides and pesticides. Moreover, when they eat something they have grown at home, they pluck the vegetables just before cooking. This retains the freshness of vegetables.

  • Will there be more and more people planting food in future?

Yes, I definitely believe that more and more people will be maintaining kitchen gardens. Vegetables and fruit available in the market has been sprayed with many harmful chemicals. Therefore, urban farming is becoming very popular and will grow in popularity in the future also.



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