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8. Describe a special day or date in your country’s history

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What was it?                         When did it happen?                          What people did on that day?                           Why is it special?

India has a rich historical background. There are many special days in Indian History like Republic Day,  Independence day and so on, but here I would like to talk about a special day, which has become a matter of pride for all Indians. It was 25th June 1983, when India won the first ICC world cup in England by defeating West Indies.

Whenever there is a cricket match going on, my father brings up his memories of that day. He watched that match at one of his friend’s house and after the match, they celebrated by eating out. It was a nail biting finish as India had only managed to score 183 runs overall in 50 overs and were in low spirits. The Indian skipper Kapil Dev, used all his experience and put up a brave fight. He made the impossible possible, by defeating the opponents in a remarkable way. After that win, many Indians started looking at cricket as a good career option. Cricket was a popular game but after this day people started worshipping it. This victory won millions of hearts. India won two more world cups after that, T20 in 2007 and The World Cup in 2011, but the world Cup win will always be remembered. So 25th June 1983, is a date which has become as important as 15th August or 26th January for the Indians.

Skipper: Captain   pride: गर्व        defeat: हार      brave: बहादुर

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