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Describe something that you have always wanted to buy.

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Describe something that you have always wanted to buy.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • how long you wanted to buy it
  • why you wanted to buy it

and explain what you would do after you buy it.

Sample Answer:
I have always wanted to buy a flat near a lake and open space. My father has his own home where I used to live until I had to move to a new city for my job. Currently. I am living in a rented house in the metropolitan city for my job and yet I have a great desire to own a house of my own that would be a large house with lots of rooms and which would be near a lake or river.

I have wanted to buy this house most probably after I moved to the new city where I am currently residing. I wanted a house of my own where I would have my family members and that would give me freedom of living. The house would be near open space and close to nature. It is almost impossible to have such a house in the metropolitan city I am currently living in. I have the plan to return to my hometown, buy this house and then start a business of my own.

I will have the house decorated and arranged in the way I have always wanted. I will have my family members to move to this house. I will keep an open space in front of this house and I will grow many plants and flowers in this open space.

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