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Describe a journey that took longer than you expected.

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Describe a journey that took longer than you expected.

You should say:

  • When you took the journey
  • Where you went
  • How you went there

and explain why it took longer than expected.

Model Answer:
The journey that I would like to talk about took almost 3-4 times more than we expected and it was 2 years back when I was in the 2nd year in my university. After the semester break, one of our friends offered us to have a visit to his hometown which was near a very beautiful location with hills and rivers surrounding it. We were very fascinated to visit there because of the chance to visit this part of our country which is a very famous tourist spot. Apart from that we also wanted to enjoy our semester gap by visiting someplace we have never been to.

My friend’s hometown was in (say a place name) and we started our journey at around 7:30 am. It should have been a 6-7 hours journey and the first 2 hours went very well. We took a bus to go there and after 2 hours we noticed a heavy traffic in front of us. The bus was stuck at the same place for about an hour and we heard that there was an accident and that caused the bad traffic. After another 30 minutes, our bus started moving on but it was like slowly pacing in the sand. The speed was not more than 20 km/hour and we got really bored being in such a bad situation. The whole journey took around 22 hours and we were very frustrated to be caught in such a bad position. When we reached our friend’s house, we were all tired and I wished I did not decide to have the journey.

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