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Talk about a Foreign celebrity you like (SEP TO DEC 2019)

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Talk about a Foreign celebrity you like (SEP TO DEC 2019)

              You should say:
  • where you met him/her or, How do you know the person?
  • why did you like him/her?
  • and explain what you learnt from him/her?

Model Answer 1:

Erm, there are so many famous people in many countries. I could pick the Mother Teresa, I think she is one of the most recognised people the world over, but I think that’s too easy and predictable.

Mother Teresa is one of the holy souls that have spent the entire life for the improvement of the impoverished section of society. Born in Macedonia, Mother Teresa was a missionary in India. She was a Roman Catholic religious sister. She passed her early days in Yugoslavia.

There were many positive reasons but I would like to mention a couple of them those I liked very much. Mother Teresa, from her early life, was kind to the destitute people. She learnt the English language to be applied to the continent she is travelling for helping the people with the missionaries.

Initially, she arrived in India as a teacher and she had to learn Bengali too. She started teaching the Bengali speaking people. Observing the famine, misery and religious violence among the people in Calcutta, she determined to change the situation.
Finally, Mother Teresa is a globally admired figure and even after her death, she is remembered with deep respect.

Model Answer 2:

Well, I am going to talk about on my foreigner friend to whom I met in India in the year 2007. He was from the USA and I met him in Mumbai.

There were many positive reasons but I would like to mention a couple of them those I liked very much. First of all, he knew the Indian language and well familiar with the culture. Hence, he was travelling in local trains and chatting with local people in the shop market. Another thing I would like to say that he was from reach family and country but his nature was so polite and respectful towards the local people and he mixed with local people as so friendly.

Many of objects I learn from him, but the most important thing I learn from him is that when you will make a plan for a visit another country that time if you learn that country’s local language and have some idea about the culture then your journey will become easy and more enjoyable. And the main thing is that no one can cheat you. Another matter I learn is that we have to do respect all religions and people as a human being anywhere around the world.

Model Answer 3:

A foreign person I like is my teacher in English, he’s from Australia. His name is John. He is teaching English in our class. I like him because I learned many things from him especially when writing an essay. He is good and compassionate teacher. I learned how to write a good essay and his tips also improved my grammar.

At first, it was very intimidating to have a foreign teacher because I did not use to have a teacher who speaks a foreign language, but it helps me to be more confident in my self especially when speaking because of the fact that he was able to understand me. Because of this, I was able to apply his teachings before taking this exam.


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