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CUE CARDS, Speaking Part 1

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: Old person or An interesting old person you have met

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  1. What are the advantages of having an elderly person at home?

Old people are very knowledgeable so the obvious advantage is that you’ll have somebody to consult whenever there’s a problem. As they are very experienced, they can give you advice on all aspects of life, including work, friendship and love.

  1. Is there anything that older people should learn from younger generation?

Of course yes. Young generations are often more familiar with the latest trends and technology; therefore, they can keep the elderly updated on these things. For example, my mum didn’t know how to use Facebook and I had to spend a few hours helping her create an account then connect with her friends. Now she is very active on Facebook, even more active than I am.

  1. What can the younger generation learn from the older generation?

Youngsters can ask older people for advice on love, work and friendship. Although our world is changing very fast, something remains the same. And that’s where old people can help with their wealth of experience. I often consult my mum on my work, because she has the same job. When you talk with an old person, you can also learn about life in the past, which is also very interesting.

  1. What qualities does a person need to take care of old people?

Compassion and patience, I guess. Old people sometimes have unreasonable requests, especially when they’re sick or insecure. You need to understand these feelings and be patient. For example, my dad has become quite forgetful recently; he often forgets where he leaves his key or wallet. This was quite annoying at first but I’m getting used to it.

  1. Do you think elderly people should be allowed to work?

Yes, if they’re capable of working. I know some old people who look a lot younger than their age and work very efficiently. Nowadays, living standards and healthcare have improved significantly, as a result people live much longer. It is only natural to have the working age limits extended.

  1. Do you think that elderly people should be taken care of at home?

It depends on the family. It is better for an old person to live with his or her family. But if everyone is busy then a care home is a better choice. This type of home has everything an old person needs, including medical services. And an old person can make friends with other old people who live here.

  1. Why do old people today live longer than in the past?

Because of the improvement in healthcare and overall living standards. In the past we didn’t have enough food to eat, now we have more than enough food and better healthcare. Although there are new diseases that didn’t exist in the past but overall life expectancy has increased.


8. Are the attitudes of young people today towards old people the same as they used to be years ago?

No, I think in the past people were more respectful towards old people. People today are more disillusioned with authority in general. So it’s not just old people that they have less respect for, but also government officials, teachers etc. But this development is positive in that we are more selective in choosing who to look up to. In the past sometimes we easily believed what we were told and might be blind to people’s flaws.

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