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Describe your favourite flower.

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Describe your favourite flower.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • where it is grown
  • if it is common in your country

and explain why it is your favourite flower.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Sunflower, an amazingly beautiful flower that could be found in most parts of the world, is my favourite flower. The French word for sunflower literally means “turn with the sun” and sunflowers do just that, at least the young plants do. In my childhood when I noticed this attribution of this flower, I became fascinated about it. I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to talk about my favourite flower.

The botanical name of the common sunflower is Helianthus annus, which I did not know until I started my high school and had to memorise that for an exam. I also learned that sunflowers were first domesticated by Native Americans, who grew and harvested them thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans to North America.

Nowadays, this flower could be found in most parts of the world. Ukraine, Russia and Argentina are the top three sunflower seed producing countries in the world. This flower is widely available in my country and it is hard to find someone who is not enchanted with the beauty of this flower. So I would say, it is a pretty common flower in my country and many garderns love to have it in their garden.

The practical use of this flower is also huge. Some seeds are produced for human consumption while the relatively smaller seeds are used in commercial bird and animal foods. In my country, sunflower seeds are also a popular source for cooking oil.

Why do I like this flower? Well, I love the way it blooms and shines like the sun. A bouquet of thousands – in one “flower” and this flower is the sunflower. The yellow petals and a dark and mystic centre that most of us think of as a sunflower isn’t really one sunflower—it’s hundreds of them. And this fact fascinates me. But, it is not my favourite flower for the mysticism it holds, rather the beauty it symbolises. My grandmother has a garden full of sunflowers and it attracted butterflies and bees to our landscape and this flower truly filled my childhood with animation and ecstasy.

Sample Answer 2:
I love Corsage Orchid – the national flower of Brazil, more than any other flower I know about. This flower grows in every region in Brazil but needs a warm temperature to grow. I have a pot containing the plant of this flower in my room and they are a constant reminder of the beauty of nature to me. This is a great source of fresh fragrance for my living area also. People often term the flower as orchid queen for its beauty and extraordinary features. I would like to thank you for this opportunity to let me talk about my favourite flower.

The Corsage Orchid plant requires ample light and air to grow. A moderate temperature is a must for the plant to grow. The temperature, as referred by the pot plant experts, needs to be between 50 and 70-degree Fahrenheit. But the growers should mindful to protect leaves from excessive sunburn. It is better if someone can manage an open area to grow the plant. Since the plant requires little care to grow, it is popular both among professional and amateur gardeners.

Brazil is located in the eastern part of South America. The climatic condition of the country supports the growth of such flower plants. Consequently, the flowers are available in plenty in Brazil. The history of Corsage Orchid to get the national flower status is interesting. Someone discovered this strange flower from some random leaves in Brazil and a few years later, the flower bloomed and enchanted everyone.

Corsage Orchid flower looks gorgeous and its fragrance makes me feel relaxed. The amazing colour of the flower is sure to enchant everyone and they last for a long. A large variety of the flower makes it more attractive to people. They shine brightly. So, I like the flower very much.

attribution – अधिकार

botanical – जैविक, वनस्पति

harvested – काटा

mysticism – रहस्यवाद, क़बला

Corsage – ब्रोच

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