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Describe an important letter you wrote to someone.

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Describe an important letter you wrote to someone.

You should say:

  • When you wrote it
  • Whom you wrote it to
  • What it was about

And explain why it was an important letter.

Model Answer:
One of the very important letters that I ever wrote was the one I wrote to the councillor of our city corporation. As I recall, I wrote this letter when I was only 16 years old. It was probably 2007 and I wrote this important letter to get a solution for the repair of a bridge in our locality.

The letter was about the request of people of our community for repairing a bridge that thousands of people use daily. This was an old bridge and after an earthquake, it was in a dangerous situation. The accident might have happened anytime and the emergency repair work was needed. I wrote a letter to the councillor of our city corporation stating the facts and many persons of our locality signed on the back of this letter.

Writing this letter was very important as the councillor of the city corporation was the right person to authorise the repair work of the bridge. After I felt that we were in a great danger, I wrote that letter and amazingly after few days the councillor came to visit the bridge and made necessary arrangement to have it repaired.

I have written many letters and among them, this one was related to an issue of public safety. Since the prompt response was taken after I posted that letter, I felt really good about it. For all these reasons, this letter was of the most important letters I have ever written.

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