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Describe an art and craft activity you did at school

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Describe an art and craft activity you did at school

  • what it was
  • what you did for this activity
  • who you did it with

and explain how you felt about this activity.

Sample Answer:
Thank you a lot for this opportunity to let me talk about an art or craft activity I did at school. School days were fun and I miss those days very much. I enjoyed all the art and craft classes and activit9ies involved in it. Once I made a book about me and it was an interesting experience to make a book all by myself and about me. The book contained various interesting information about me and my family. I also wrote about my friends in the book and added some pictures of them. In the later stages, the book became the best wealth for me. The cue card questions are standard and I love answering such smart questions. The answers continue below.

Preparing a book for me was difficult. As a child of seven or eight years old, I was unable to collect all the things. I needed paper, book design, crayons, markers, photos and obviously some information about me and my surrounding people placed on the book. My siblings helped me greatly to collect all the materials and make the work complete. I had to collect information and images from my friends and parents to fill spaces in the book.

The project was individual, but I took helps from my friends and particularly from my elder brother. My brother arranged the necessary materials. I asked to bring some coloured papers and he brought accordingly. Moreover, I asked a friend to collect information about few other friends. One more thing to share. It was a time-bound project. The teacher allowed us only a day to complete the project and submit to her. I was glad to gather everything in time.

I enjoyed making the book and it was fun. I had never made such books or worked in such art and craft project. Thanks to the teacher for her endeavour to arrange such an event. In fact, the entire process made me confident. I felt joy and pride inside me. My book was chosen as the best among the items submitted by many other students.

More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card topic:

Cue Card Topic: Describe an art and craft activity you did at school.

1. I made a Christmas card as part of my art and craft activity in school in Yorkshire in the UK. I had to collect some specific materials to make the card. I completed the task with the direct support of my dad.

2. When I was a third grader at a local school in New York, I made a craft to present in the school. It was a USA flag. I collected a large piece of cloth and painted the flag. I took help from my elder sister for this purpose.

3. My School in Pune, India asked to make a craft and I had made two little dolls and made them traditional Indian attires. I had to collect some small fabrics to make them look like traditional dresses for females. Without my brother’s support, I think it could not have been possible for me.

4. As a young child of five years, it was truly hard for me to make the Sydney harbor bridge. I made it using plastics, papers and applied some colour to give it a final shape. My mom assisted me greatly to complete the bridge and I was appreciated highly in the school.

5. Marking the Canada Day, my school asked students to bring some artworks. I went with a Maple leaf. It was a large leaf made of plastic and paper. I also used scotch tape and glues. I did it all by myself and used a large leaf to take the measurement.

6. As a student of sixth grade in my school in the UAE, I made a desert scene, particularly a cactus in the desert. I used cucumbers, toothpicks, and sands to prepare the craft. I took the idea from my mother and she also arranged the necessary things to make it happen.

7. New Year celebrations are outstanding in Vietnam and I made a red dragon marking the event to present at my school. It was a complex process and I needed plastic cups, glues, colourful wrapping papers and more other things. A cousin helped me complete the project.

8. A hand-fan was the best craft made by me ever. In fact, I made it marking the Chinese New year Celebration in my primary school. It was made with colourful paper, two sticks, and threads. I got the idea from my dad and he also helped to stitch the fan.

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