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Describe a time when you found something that someone lost

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Describe a time when you found something that someone lost

What , When and where did you find                              How you returned it back to its owner                            How you felt?

There have not been many times when I found something important that someone lost. But, I remember that once I was walking from the bus stop to my home, that I saw a small string like thing popping out of a heap of dust. It was golden in colour, and out of curiosity I pulled it up. I was surprised to see that it was the string of a small pouch.

It must have fallen off and got buried in the dust. I opened it and there were about Rs 500/- in it and an EasyDay membership card. There was no other thing in it. There is an EasyDay store in Bathinda, and I thought that I would go there the next day and try to know the owner. I told my mother about the pouch, and she was happy that I had thought of trying to know the owner. The next day, I went to the Easy Day store and showed them the card.

They told me that the card belonged to Harpreet Kaur and gave me her number. I called her and told her about the pouch. She told me that she had lost it only a day before and had searched for it everywhere, she thought it could be.

She told me that it had Rs. 500/- She told me to leave the pouch at the store and that she would pick it up from there later. She asked my name and address. Two days later, someone knocked at our door in the afternoon. My mother and I had just taken lunch, and were sitting in the lobby. We opened the door and saw a good looking lady standing there. She said that she was Harpreet and that she had come to thank me. She said that although the amount was not much, she appreciated my effort of going out of the way to return it. She had brought a Cadbury’s Chocolate for me as a token of thanks. Believe me it was the sweetest chocolate I had ever eaten. We asked her to have tea with us, and now she is a good friend of my mother and they both are in touch through Whatsapp.

Part 3 Follow Up Questions

  1. What are the things that people always lose?

People lose all sorts of things. They lose money, credit cards, cell phones, their certificates, luggage and many more things

  • Why some people are able to find things easily?

Some people can find things easily because they try to figure out where they might have lost them and then try and look for them. Some people have anti-theft tracking devices fitted in their bags, which help them track those things. Apple iphones have the feature – Find my iphone, which can tell where the phone is.

  • Should parents teach children on what to do when they find lost things?

Yes, parents should teach children to return the thing they found. They should teach their children the ways to track the owner. If the thing is very important such as someone’s certificates, then they can be reported in the police station.

  • Why are historical items important for a country?

They are important because they tell about the past. Archaeologists can get valuable information about the life of people from those things.

  • Should we preserve the item there itself?

Yes, we should ideally, but if that place has no infrastructure to preserve that thing, then it is better to shift it to some good museum.

  • Why do people vandalise historical things?

People do so because they don’t realise the importance of those things.==================================

Vandalise: तोड़फोड़ करना

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