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Describe a place in your city that you would like to visit

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You should say:
– where it is
– what people do there
– how you know it
– and explain why you want to go there

Although, I’m not entirely sure to be honest
I heard

I would love to talk about a place in London. London isn’t strictly my city because I’m from the North, however, there is a place that I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time.

It’s called the Rooftop Gardens, apparently, they are owned by a successful business man called Richard Branson. He apparently got refused for entering this venue because of his looks.

So he returned the next day and bought it!

I think it’s a casual cafe, and a restaurant in the evening. Although, I’m not entirely sure to be honest. I think they also might hold private events and parties. I heard it’s really popular in London, and it’s usually full, I also heard it has rather sporadic opening times.

I know about these gardens because my mum went there a few times when she lived in London. <Anecdote> She explored a lot of the city and told me numerous times all of the new spots she had found. When my mum lived in the capital, she loved exploring it. Everyday she would explore a new neighbourhood, a new restaurant, a new museum.

I’d really like to go there because I’m a keen plant enthusiast, and there are supposed to be lots of flowers, tropical plants, and exotic trees up there. It’s also rather unique to have a large botanical garden on the roof of skyscraper. Also, this rooftop garden has been on my bucket list for long time!

And that’s my talk about a place I’d like to visit, I hope you liked it.


Discussion (Part 3)

What kinds of tourist sites are popular in your country?

so to speak
It’s difficult to say because
for example

<REFLECTION> The tourist sites that are popular in my country are probably the ones associated with “Englishness”, so to speak. <EXAMPLE> Perhaps these would include Big Ben, the little tea cottages, and of course Trafalgar Square. It’s difficult to say because I haven’t lived there for a while. There are also a lot of areas classed as having outstanding natural beauty, for example the White Cliffs of Dover, and perhaps even the Yorkshire Dales. Personally, I prefer visiting these types of areas, in the countryside.

What can governments do to prevent pollution in tourist sites?

I’ve never actually thought about this to be honest

I’ve never actually thought about this to be honest, I guess they could educate the tourists before they arrive in the area. They could also place more litter bins around the areas. I think also the tourist sites could be better managed, for example, the government could clearly mark the paths to be taken, or even limit it to guided tours -this would reduce the amount of people and most likely reduce the amount of pollution. But it isn’t an easy problem to solve.

What are the advantages of visiting less known places?

Well, to start with
One last advantage

I love visiting less known places. Well, to start with, there are considerably less tourists around. You probably have more chance to meet the locals, and even interact with them, depending on the languages you speak though. These areas are probably considerably cheaper too. For example, a few years ago I went to Lviv in Ukraine, and it was extremely cheap, and also a beautiful beautiful city, with hardly any tourists.
One last advantage is that in some places they might hardly ever get new visitors, so they treat you really well because you made the effort to get off the beaten track and visit their city.

What are the disadvantages when there are too many tourists in one site?

<personal answer> I can relate to this question a lot. Back in 2005 I went to Budapest for the first time, and there were hardly any tourists, and the place was extremely cheap. About 13 years later I return and (1) a lot of the young local people had moved to Germany or the UK for work, (2) prices had increased, and (3) the city was packed with tourists. Restaurants were full every weekend, and the popular streets were teeming with tourists. For me, personally, it was felt like a completely different city.

PRO TIP: Lists usually sound best in threes.

  1. a lot of the young local
  2. prices had increased
  3. the city was packed with tourists
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