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Describe a picture or photograph in your home (IELTS CUE CARD Jan to April 2020)

Describe a photograph or picture in your home (IELTS CUE CARD)
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Describe a picture or photograph in your home (IELTS CUE CARD Jan to April 2020)

what is in the photo
where this photo is in your home
how this picture was taken
and explain what this photo means to you

Like many other families in my country, I have a big photograph of my family which is hung on the wall of my living room. It is the first thing that you notice when you walk in the room.

This photo was taken a year ago on the occasion of my cousin‟s wedding. It was the first time for ages that my whole family had gathered together. Even my relatives who are living further away came home to attend the wedding. It was possibly the first picture of my extended family with my grandmother, all of my grandmother‟s children and the in-laws, and I have lost count of how many grandchildren are in it. It‟s a brilliant photo, with everyone smiling and laughing, taken by a professional photographer who put everyone at their ease.

As a typical traditional person, I treasure my family. Our ties are worth more than gold. No matter what happens, I strongly believe that my parents, my siblings and relatives will always be on my side supporting me. Every time I look at the photograph of my loving family, I feel blessed and proud.

You should say:

  • What is it about?
  • Where is it in your home?
  • How you got it?
  • Why you like it?

Model Answer:

  • I have a collection of many photographs in my album and the photo wall at my home.
  • Here I’m going to describe one in which my grandparents, my parents, my cousin Reema and I are standing in our farmhouse.
  • There is a small round table on which there is a cake.
  • I remember vividly, it was the golden jubilee celebration of my grandparents. My aunt baked and iced the cake at home.
  • She’s an expert cook. She was the one who clicked the photo.
  • That’s why she is not there in the picture.
  • But her presence can be felt through the cake.
  • Only the six of us were there in the picture.
  • Last year when I celebrated my parents silver jubilee, I wished in my heart that I celebrate their golden jubilee too.
  • The tablecloth, which is spread on the table was embroidered by my grandma. She had a gifted hand in needle and thread work.
  • Both my grandparents are no more in this world now.
  • That is the reason why I treasure this photograph as this brings back nostalgic memories of my childhood.
  • This photograph is right in the middel of photo wall that we have in our lving room.
  • I got it framed last year.
  • Now I have a digital camera in which I capture precious moments.
  • Maybe one day my children will value them.
  • I like painting and drawing too but can’t find enough time for these arts out of my busy schedule.

Part 3 – Follow up Questions

  1. Do Indian people like to take photos of themselves?
    Yes, Indian people do like to take photos of themselves. Selfies have become very common nowadays. Smart phones have become very economical. So most young people have a smart phone in their hands, and these smart phones have cameras in the front and in the back. So, taking selfies has become a routine with the young people.
  2. What kinds of devices to people like to use for taking photos these days?
    People use cameras and cell phones for taking photos these days.
  3. Why do some people like to delete photos?
    Sometimes the photographs may not be good, and sometimes the memory card may be full. So people have to delete photographs.
  4. Why do some people like to keep photos?
    Some people like to keep photos because photographs are mirrors of the past and they want to preserve those memories forever.
  5. Has the way people take photos changed?
    Yes, the way people take photos has changed a lot. Now digital cameras have become popular. People do not have to worry about wasting precious film. They can take as many photographs as they like. They do not even need to get them printed. They can save those photographs in their web albums. Even a three-year old child can click photographs.
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking photos by smartphone?
    The advantages are that the photos can be shared immediately. The photo which doesn’t seem right can be deleted. The disadvantages are that these pics occupy too much space on the phone and have to be stored elsewhere from time to time.
  7. Do you think photographers are artists?
    Yes, surely they are. Good photography is an art. Anyone can click a picture, but only a good photographer can look into the intricacies such as the angle, the sharpness etc.
  8. What are the benefits of learning painting for children?
    When children paint, it brings out their creativity. They learn to express themselves. It is an art, and it is a relaxing activity.
  9. Can anyone become a famous artist through hard work?
    Yes, anyone can become famous by hard work. I believe that visual arts like painting and drawing can be mastered with hard work, but performing arts like dance and music need some inborn talent.



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