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Cue Card (Sep to Dec 2019), CUE CARDS

Describe a film you would like to share with your friends (Cue Card September to December 2019)

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Describe a film you would like to share with your friends

  • Where you watched it?
  • What it was about?
  • Who you watched it with?
  • Why do you want to share it with friends?

I’ve seen many movies in my life. Here, I would like to talk about a movie, which has had a lasting impression on me, and so I would like to share it with my friends. The movie is ‘Pihu’. It is based on a true story. I watched this movie on Netflix. I was just browsing through Netflix to watch something for about half an hour when I came across this title. I watched it alone. I would like to share it with my friends because I know they would also like it, just as I liked it.

I couldn’t shut down my laptop and watched it to the end. It’s about a 2-year-old girl, who is left alone with her mother, who has committed suicide. She does so after a fight with her husband. Pihu thinks that her mother is fast asleep and tries to wake her up many times. This little girl doesn’t even know what is safe for her. I could not blink an eye during the whole movie. This movie haunted my thoughts for days after that. When I came to know that this movie is based on a true incident, then I felt very sorry and sad for the little girl who must have suffered all that.

The film explores issues faced by married couples. It also highlights how important communication is between young couples. It must have been a challenge to shoot the whole film with a 2-year-old child in the main role. The film won the award for the Best Film in Morocco. It was the opening film at the International Film Festival of India, which was held in Goa in 2017. This film has also won many other awards.


1. What kinds of films are popular in India?
Well, India is a diverse country. All genres of films are popular in India. People love action, drama, comedy, thriller, romance and many other movies.




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