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18. Describe a situation when you did not have enough time

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  • What were you trying to do when you didn’t have enough time
  • Why was this task important to you
  • What circumstances led to you not having sufficient time
  • What did you do to improve the situation

One thing that is very bad in me is my habit of procrastination. I keep putting off things till the 11th hour Because of this I have landed up in situations when I don’t have enough time to do things. I had my finals of Senior Secondary in March. Naturally, I had reserved the month of February for preparation. So, I just took things lightly. I was sure one month would be enough for me to do well because I had been fairly regular till my pre-boards. In January, my paternal uncle came from Canada for his dental checkup. Dental treatment is very expensive in Canada. He had a lot of problem. Whenever he comes, he stays with us. He went for his check up the very next day Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the jaw bone. He had to receive radiotherapy and chemotherapy and stayed with us for almost 40 days. Helping my mother and father to take care of him was more important than anything else, and so I did not have any time for studying. I remember I had to study till late at night and sometimes had to get up very early to study. But I could not do that much justification as I had intended to. I got a good lesson that we should not put off doing things unnecessarily for the last minute. It is always better to be more organised. Future is never predictable. So, we should value our time and manage it effectively.

sufficient: enough; adequate.

Part 3 Follow Up Questions

  1. What could you have done differently?

I could have been more regular in my studies and should not have wasted time when I had it. It was wrong of me to while away my time on useless things such as watching daily soaps on TV, and hanging out with friends.

  • What was the outcome and was it positive or negative?

Ultimately, I passed with good marks, but I could have done better. However, I am happy that I helped my parents in taking care of my uncle. He is absolutely OK now. So, the outcome was in all positive

  • Did you take any corrective measures to avoid such situations in the future? How did that help you or changes you saw in yourself.

Now, I don’t put off doing things. I am more organised. I feel better. It was a good lesson I learnt.

  • How do you help others from your experience?

I keep telling my friends and cousins about my experience. Hope they learn something from me.

in the red: If a person or a company is in the red, their debts are greater than their assets.

For example:

  • Even if we make a profit this year, we owe so much money that we’ll probably still be in the red. 
  • I don’t like being in the red, so I don’t borrow money.
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