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Cue Card (May to Aug 2019), CUE CARDS

A person you would like to study or work with (IELTS Cue Card May to Aug 2019)

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A person you would like to study or work with

Who is that person?                       Why would you like to study with him/her?        What will you study?

I normally study alone as I find it hard to study with someone else. However, there are times when I don’t feel like studying and it helps if someone can motivate me. Moreover, there are subjects like history, which I find really boring to study alone. In these cases, I do prefer studying with someone else. I had a classmate, Yash in 10th standard and many of my friends told me that he was a very good study partner. So if I do get a chance, I would like to study with him. He has many unique qualities. First, he has a very good grasping power, so he was always able to understand things really quickly. He is also very patient. I have heard from friends that he can sit and explain things for hours.

One of my major problems in studying has been my inability to memorize facts and figures and he is very good with mnemonics, which I feel like can be really helpful for me. I remember in school days, he made a mnemonic for the first twenty elements of the periodic table and it became so popular in the school. Everyone used it and that’s why perhaps my entire class found chemistry very easy. That’s one more reason I would like to study with him. He is willing to share his knowledge. I have heard him saying many things in class that the best way to increase one’s knowledge is to share knowledge. At the moment he is doing masters in economics in Canada. He is at the same college I am interested in attending. Hopefully, I would get a chance to meet him there and study something together.

Mnemonics: the study and development of systems for improving memory.

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