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Vocabulary 1

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VERTEX IELTS (Vocabulary)

  1. Succinct (adj): brief, terse

said in a clear and short way; expressing what needs to be said without unnecessary words:

Keep your letter succinct and to the point.


  1. Hone (Verb): Sharp, Make perfect

to make something perfect or completely suitable for its purpose

Her debating skills were honed in the students‘ union


  1. Innate (adj): Natural, Inborn

An innate quality or ability is one that you were born with, not one you have learned:

Cyril’s most impressive quality was his innate goodness.

Her dance expresses the innate beauty of the human spirit.


  1. Raconteur (N)

someone who tells funny or interesting stories:

He was a brilliant raconteur. 

He was also an actor, model, movie producer, raconteur, public speaker, auto-mechanic, humorist, and writer.


  1. Triumph (N)

a very great successachievement, or victory (= when you win a warfight, or competition)

The book celebrates the hostages‘ remarkable triumph over appalling adversity.


  1. Derogatory adjective expressingcriticism or insult:

showing strong disapproval and not showing respect:

He made some derogatory comment/remark about her appearance.


  1. Compos Mentis adjective

able to think clearly and be in control of and responsible for youractions:

She was very old but still compos mentis.


  1. Refrain (V)

to avoid doing or stop yourself from doing something:

We refrained from talking until we knew that it was safe.

The sign on the wall said “Please refrain from smoking.”

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