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Ough Words

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Ough is a letter sequence often seen in words in the English language. This sequence of letters have the most unpredictable pronunciation, at least six pronunciations in North American English and over ten in British English.

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  • This sequence can also be used as a word to express emotion in different ways and forms.
  • It is pronounced as oh, but adding the ‘ug’ between ‘the o’ and h creates a more meaningful passion when expressing it.
  • The word can be used to replace long vowel ‘o’ sounds in a word, providing more emphasis to make the long vowel sound more rewarding, interesting and less boring to use.
  • It can be used in expressing anger, for example “ ough,stop that please, ough!”
  • It can be used in expressing joy and happiness, by just simply yelling at the top of your lungs when in the middle of a match or blockbuster “OUGH!”

Word List:

It’s fascinating how each of these words is pronounced differently even though they all have ‘ough’ in them. Click on the audio to know how it is pronounced.

DOUGH prepared the dough for pizza.
COUGH Material · CoughThe baby had a severe cough and cold.
ROUGH Material · RoughThe cloth had a rough appearance but was comfortable to wear.
PLOUGH Material · PloughRavi helped his father plough his fields
TOUGH Material · ToughRachel had a tough time with her job and nephew around.
BOUGH Material · BoughThe parrot sat on the bough.
THOUGH Material · Though He somehow ate the food even though he wasn’t hungry.
ALTHOUGH Material · AlthoughAlthough we had a fight, we decided to move on with the plan to meet up.
THROUGH Material · ThroughThe pain she went through was terrible.
AFTERTHOUGHT Material · AfterthoughtThe afterthought of spending the night with the most annoying cousin of mine gave me goosebumps.
BOUGHT Material · Boughtbought a pair of shoes from the big billion sale.
THOUGHT Material · Thoughtthought we would have a whole month off work.
THOUGHTFULNESS Material · ThoughtfulnessHer thoughtfulness for older people and readiness to help them, made me fall for her.
BREAKTHROUGH Material · BreakthroughResearchers claim that they have made a major breakthrough in cancer treatment.
ENOUGH Material · EnoughThere are enough seats left for students applying for Masters in our college.
DOUGHNUT Material · DoughnutI would replace anything for doughnuts.
DROUGHTThe state is exposed to drought, due to reduced rainfall.
OUGHTFor the woman your age, you ought to have savings.

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