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My Hindi Friend-Book With Memory Chart Learn Speaking Writing Teaching Through English Language/Grammar Books for Rajbhasha Official Language Non-Hindi Foreigners Beginners Students Professionals

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Price: ₹670.00
(as of Dec 08,2021 14:53:26 UTC – Details)

MY HINDI FRIEND (A unique course for Hindi learning & Teaching ) After more than years long and deep research we have developed a unique course for Hindi learning & teaching
This program is first time of its kind and very effective. Medium of learning is English so Non- Hindi speakers also learn easily In this course you will learn:

Comparison between English & Hindi alphabet & Vowels/Consonants.
Detailed study and practice of Hindi Vowel marks.
Detailed study of consonants with example in Roman script and their English mean.
Detail study of vowel mark with combination of consonants with Hindi example and their English mean.
Study of light sound (Half consonants) letters with Hindi examples and their English mean.
Study of half letter with same consonants with produce extra sound.
Study of half letter ‘ j ‘ (ra) and how to write (put) in Hindi with different way.
Basic Hindi Grammar.
Punctuation marks of Hindi.
Comparison of Hindi & English tense
. How to look Hindi dictionary.
Study of a letter, word and sentence.
Study of Hindi tense and comparison with English language to understand easily.
Detail study of types of Hindi sentence and special focus on Interrogative sentence.
Medium of learning is English.
Very easy and practical method to learn Hindi Language.
Special topic on ‘Time’.
Hindi Name of Days of week.
How to ask the way.
Some general notice Boards which you often see.
Extra topic on feeling sentence.
Extra topic of Hindi Imperative sentence for daily use.
A big list of words which speak (Pronounce) same in Hindi & English eg. Mobile.
Some very Natural conversations.
Hindi words and story for Hindi reading.

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Publisher‏:‎ANU”S ENGLISH ACADEMY; Second edition (1 January 2016); ANU”S ENGLISH ACADEMY Agra 282002 Utter Pradesh India
Textbook Binding‏:‎260 pages
Reading age‏:‎10 years and up
Item Weight‏:‎300 g
Country of Origin‏:‎India

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