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Linking structures

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Using a wide range of vocabulary will help you to gain higher score at IELTS.

ListingGiving examplesGeneralising
firstly, secondly, thirdlyfor examplein general
first, furthermore, finallyfor instancegenerally
to begin, to concludeas follows:on the whole
nextthat isas a rule
Reinforcementin this casefor the most part
alsonamelyin most cases
furthermorein other wordsusually
what is moresoin particular
in additionthereforeparticularly
besidesas a result/consequenceespecially
above allaccordinglymainly
as well (as)consequentlyReformulation
in the same waybecause of this/thatin other words
not only … but alsothusrather
Similarityhenceto put it more simply
equallyfor this/that reasonExpressing an alternative
likewiseso thatalternatively
similarlyin that caserather
correspondinglyunder these circumstanceson the other hand
in the same wayDeductionthe alternative is
Transition to new pointthenanother possibility would be
now,in other wordsContrast
as far as x is concernedin that caseinstead
with regard/reference tootherwiseconversely
as for …this implies that …on the contrary
it follows thatif so/notin contrast
turning toStating the obviousin comparison
SummaryobviouslyConcession (smth unexpected)
in conclusionclearlyeven though
to concludenaturallyhowever
in briefof coursehowever much
to summariseas can be expectednevertheless
thereforeafter allyet
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