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IELTS, Speaking Part 1

IELTS Speaking Part- 1 (Shopping)

Posted: June 10, 2020 at 11:08 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

1. Why do some people choose to buy in the street market rather than the shopping mall?

As far as I’m concerned, street shopping is quite cool in the aspect that people are given a combined experience of shopping and immersing themselves in nature! When they stroll along the small shops lined along the street, they can see the items on display while being able to look up to the sky and breathe the fresh air, for example. Sometimes, it’s an enriching experience as people can have casual talks with the shopkeepers and deal with some bargains with them. All these can make shopping at a street market appealing to many.

2. Do you think the discounted goods have good value?

From my personal experience, the quality of goods sold at a discounted price is often Inferior to those sold at normal prices. This can be due to the fact that the seller may want to get rid of some faulty commodities, so they may reduce the prices so as to attract the vulnerable consumers who are interested in such bargains. Additionally, lowly priced items are often out of date. So if you’re a fashion fanatic, buying discounted clothes won’t be a good choice, as the items of clothing are often fading out of fashion as newer versions are being launched on the market on an hourly basis.

3. How often do people in your country go shopping?

Generally speaking, people are really into shopping, just like Western people and they will spend as much as time possible for this activity. Usually, women will spend at least one or two times a week browsing for the latest lines of products especially clothes at the supermarket or shopping mall. If they are busy, they tend to log on the Internet Ion some virtual stores and compare the prices of different brands: and then wait till the weekend to satisfy their desire for shopping

4. What kinds of places are popular for shopping in your country?

Usually, there are two types of places which are popular among shoppers. The first and most prevalent lone is the supermarket. This is simply because there are a wide range of clothes of different brands on display and the customers can feel free to try on their favorite piece of garment, they can also take their friends along to check for them if those clothes match or not, which I think is pretty great. Another type is online shopping. The consumers can access virtual stores on the Internet and browse for items they love. Moreover, they can compare prices and look at the Review sections and receive advice about whether that product is worth buying or not

5. Do you think online shopping will replace shopping in reality?

Not really, I think each type has its own merits. In terms of shopping at physical stores, customers there are a wide range of clothes of different brands on display and the customers can feel free to try on their favorite piece of the garment; they can also take their friends along to see if those clothes match or not, which I think is pretty great. In terms of online stores, they can compare prices and look at the review sections and receive advice on whether that product is worth buying or not. In a nutshell, both are here to stay.

6. Did you ever have had shopping experience?

Yes, I did. I remembered that I bought a fake iPhone 5 and ended up throwing it in the trash can after one or two uses. The problem is that I didn’t receive good customer service and chose less reliable places to shop. I recalled the shop assistant was strangely nice to me but I didn’t think that those nice words were her trick.

7. What would you do if you bought something disappointing from the internet?

There can be a number of courses of action I can consider when an item I bought online fails to live up to my expectations. The first thing I would do in this case is to note down the address of the store owner and go directly there to ask him. This is simply because the sellers must have the responsibility if they provide products that don’t meet the standards and fix them if there are any technical problems. Another thing I would take into account is that I would go to some local authorities and claim my rights the seller refuses to repair the item; change another one or give a refund.

8. How is online shopping so popular these days?

It is understandable that buying stuff online is gaining tremendous popularity among people in modem society. You can see nowadays people don’t have time to get to the store in person and access the virtual stores instead. There is an increase in the number of online stores, selling a diverse range of products with different price ranges that cater for the needs of people of all ages.

Furthermore, customer service is being improved greatly and I see that many people are placing their trust in inline shopping these days.

9. Do all people enjoy shopping for clothes?

I can’t say for sure since it largely depends on personal demand and interest. Women seem to be more obsessed with fashion and shopping than the rest of the population but, of course, there are exceptions. Those who love spending time and money on beautiful pieces of clothing pay great attention to their appearance and take pleasure in the act itself, while others consider it a waste of resources. However, people have different reasons to buy clothes which are not necessarily related to whether they enjoy it or not. For example, most men tend to avoid clothes shopping unless they need a new suit for some formal event or simply because they’ve run out of clothes.

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