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IELTS, Speaking Part 1

IELTS Speaking Part- 1 (Books & Reading)

Posted: June 10, 2020 at 11:18 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

1. What kinds of hooks that old people like to read?

Since I’m not an elderly person, what I’m going to say is just guesswork but old people are really into books which tell about the daily lives of ordinary citizens or those books which give them the chance to reflect on their life. This is because, they are at an age where spiritual well-being is of more importance, and many old citizens would choose books containing some philosophy or moral lessons to read. The reason I feel this way is they can not only can while away the time, but they can also improve their personality and pass the experience they read onto their grandchildren.

2. Are you a good story teller?

To be honest with you, I’m bad at putting my ideas across so I rarely dare tell a story to anybody. To be a good storyteller, you have to be excellent at your language, have a broad knowledge, and possess an intriguing voice as well. Those are the qualities I lack so you see; I am hopeless at describing something to others.

3. How do you think people will read in the future? = Does reading books become a less common activity because of ebooks?

I strongly disagree with this view. Although the advent of the internet gives us a wide array of options when it comes to reading activity, like we can read ebooks on our laptop or Ipad, nothing can compare to the experience of holding a book in your own hands, and read it from cover to cover. Another point is that you can jump to the page you want to read by turning your fingers and browsing for the desired contents with your eyes, which is much more convenient and user-friendly than having to use a computer screen or a mouse to do the job

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