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Speaking Part 2

IELTS Cue Card for IELTS Speaking Part 2:

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A Goal that You Have – IELTS Cue Card Sample 48

Posted: 26 May 2020 05:00 PM PDT

Describe a goal that you would like to achieve.

You should say:

what the goal is

how easy or difficult you think it will be to reach this goal

how you plan to achieve this goal and explain why this is one of your goals.


From my own point of view, I found both are just satisfying. It’s sometimes difficult to work to fulfill what you want to do, especially if things don’t always go as organized, and sometimes it can take a long time, as in my case, I took to get where I am now, it was a good journey, and I enjoyed it. I met other people with the same goal and made some new partners, and it really was like a journey – not all of it was thrilling, but there were some important and unforgettable moments.

Now that I’m almost ready to go, I’m excited about the opportunity but I think the whole process has been interesting and positive looking back on it now. On a deeper level, it’s not just a matter of accomplishing my goal – it’s how that will affect the rest of my life, and that’s something that I still have to live and experience, so it’s a lot more than just one simple moment of reward – huge and more important rewards may yet come in the future.

Do you think it’s important to have realistic goals?

Well, in my view if it’s not realistic – then it’s not really a goal – it’s just a dream. A goal is something which is achievable, something you can actually work towards, whereas if it’s not really like you could never achieve it, then it’s just a thought, or a dream, as I said – it’s not something which is applicable so you’ll as likely as never achieve it.

For example, I could think that I’d like to be an IAS Officer and do lots of social work; now for me, that’s just a dream because my age is 44 now, but for somebody else, a young person who has to do something for our country, and has a real talent for it, can become an IAS Officer and it might be a realistic goal, something they could work towards and in due course achieves if they take the right steps and do what’s necessary to get there.

A lot hang on your own viewpoint & conditions in terms of whether a ‘goal’ is real or not.

Is it always necessary to have something to aspire to in the future?

No, not consistently; not in the same way as having a goal that will change your life. There are enough people who don’t really have any big goals for the future, and that’s okay. Many people just want to be happy with their family or job, and that’s sufficient for them. I guess those are goals which most people could say they have.

It’s not always mandatory to be working towards something big, or continuously trying to upgrade yourself or remember new things. Some people are like that naturally and others are more relaxed and seem cheerful doing the things they do and are not very determined about attaining other things in life, and that’s fine for them because they’re happy about it.

Everyone is different, and that’s a good thing. If everybody wanted absolutely the same things in life, it would be boring.

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