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I couldn’t see words which can be more interesting than AMBIGRAMS.

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Ambigrams are the words whose meanings remain the same, when viewed from different perspectives mostly by rotating 180 degrees.

These are some of the classic examples of Ambigrams.

  • Sun Microsystems logo

Sun Microsystems logo is one of the most brilliant logos in the world. It is a rotationally symmetric chain Ambigram. The word sun appears same from all directions.

Ultima logo

Turn this design upside down and you will see that it reads the same both ways.


A great Wordsmith ambigram designed by John Langdon.


The New Man

The New Man logo is one of the first commercially designed ambigram logo designed by designer Raymond Loewy in year 1969.


Angels and Demons

A famous ambigram created for Dan Brown’s book “Angels & Demons” by John Langdon. Dan Brown also named the protagonist of Angels & Demons after John Langdon as Robert Langdon.

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