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Gourmand – Word of the Day

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Gourmand – Word of the Day 


[noun]: Somebody who enjoys eating and eats in large quantities

History: Gourmand – Word of the Day

Basically, Gourmand – Word of the Day, the origin of this word is still unknown. However, it is believed that it is connected with the word ‘gourmet’ and came into the limelight in 1758. The word came from late Middle English and is an Old French word. Another attribution goes back to the 18th century where it appeared in the translation of Odyssey by Homer. There was an exasperated question that Alexander asks, “What God has plagued us with this gourmand guest?’ Earlier, the word was regarded in a negative way and was a synonym of ‘Glutton’, used to explain such a person who was a greedy eater and ate even after satiating his hunger. However, in the 19th century, English speakers borrowed ‘gourmet’ from French, gradually declining the negative connotation attached with the word.

Usage: Gourmand – Word of the Day

1. He is a true gourmand as he can literally gobble down everything.
2. I like experimenting with different food types but I am not a gourmand.
3. Are you a vegan gourmand as I didn’t see you order anything else?
4. Don’t act like a gourmand if you cannot finish the entire meal.
5. Make sure your gourmand-like traits don’t make you fall sick.
6. From locally grown organic items to fresh meat products, this new eCommerce site has everything that a gourmand may need.
7. There is a difference between being a foodie and a gourmand.
8. You can only pretend to be a gourmand, in reality, you cannot even finish a plate full of food.

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