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Garrulous – Word of the day

Garrulous – Word of the day
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[adj]: excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters.


Dates back to the 1600s. Has Latin origin. Greek origin and Irish origin are also suspected. From Latin garrulus, Greek Gerys and Irish Gairm.


Adverb examples – Garrulously:

1. The TV host won many viewers by talking garrulously.
2. She diverted the focus by garrulously explaining some other things.
3. He was always a centre of attention in the party because he spoke garrulously.
4. The criminal was given an injection after which he talked garrulously.
5. The young man was shrewd but talked garrulously at times.
6. Old men spent time talking garrulously in the roadside.

Adjective examples – Garrulous:

1. Rita was having a tough time, sitting next to a garrulous passenger.
2. The students who were garrulous became silent as soon as the teacher entered the classroom.
3. The manager got irritated with his garrulous employee.
4. His garrulous little brother spoke about mosquitoes all through the picnic.
5. The radio jockey who is usually garrulous spoke about water scarcity yesterday.
6. Neighbours were scared of the garrulous Tim.

Noun examples – Garrulousness, Garrulity:

1. The party won the elections solely on the garrulousness of Tom.
2. Tom annoyed his manager by his garrulousness.
3. Garrulousness is in their genes
4. The woman fell for John’s garrulousness.
5. As you meditate on the supreme consciousness, you will slowly lose your garrulousness.
6. He lost the project because of his garrulousness.

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